“Lusher Lump” removed from Lowerline Street


Motorists on Lowerline Street no longer have to suffer sickening scrapes along the bottom of their cars, now that the infamous “Lusher Lump” has been flattened out after neighbors’ concerns were aired on UptownMessenger.com and in an Action Report with our partners at WWL-TV.

The strange spur pushing up from the roadway next to Lusher Elementary School was a menace to nearly everyone around it. Drivers trying to dodge it were a menace to the rear-view mirrors of cars parked in the block, and the gravest fear was of an accident involving a child at the school. The Central Carrollton Association named it their top infrastructure priority, and after a November board meeting, UptownMessenger.com and WWL-TV collaborated on an Action Report that quickly led to the lump’s long-awaited demise.

“CCA has even more to be thankful for this year since the Lusher Hump was fixed this past Monday!” wrote association president Barbara Johnson in an email to the neighborhood earlier this week. “Thanks to all who have worked on this for the past year to bring to the city’s attention. It was obvious that Bill Capo’s TV report last week closed the deal. Thanks to John Defraites for his great TV appearance representing the neighborhood! A special thanks also goes to Robert Morris [of UptownMessenger.com] who contacted WWL about the story after our November board meeting, and Bill Capo who enthusiastically picked up and delivered the story.”

Bill Capo followed up his initial report with another video detailing the effort’s success:

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