Seven arrested in three Central City drug busts

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The locations of three drug busts in Central City this week. (via

Seven men were arrested in three different drug stings Wednesday and Thursday in Central City in an effort to apply pressure to the area where associates of recently convicted murderer Telly Hankton may be operating, police said.

On Wednesday afternoon, an undercover officer purchased marijuana at 2221 First Street, leading to the arrests of three men: 39-year-old Johnny L. Smith, 19-year-old Demond A. Hutton and 40-year-old Kevin Banks, according to an email alert from the NOPD Sixth District. A search of the residence turned up more marijuana and the money used to make the undercover purchase, authorities said. Each was charged with distribution of marijuana, according to jail records.

Later that afternoon, officers made another purchase of marijuana, this time at 2114 Toledano Street, according to the alert. The ensuing search led to the arrests of 38-year-old Lemark Pierre, 50-year-old Marshall Pierre and 48-year-old Roger Johnson, and narcotics officers also found 277 grams of marijuana and $312 in cash, police said. Marshall Pierre was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and Johnson was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana and distribution of marijuana, jail records show. No records were available for Lemark Pierre.

On Thursday, narcotics detectives near South Liberty and St. Andrew streets watched 24-year-old Raymond Frith work a drug stash under a house, removing several rocks of crack cocaine from it and then returning to the intersection where he sold it by hand, police said in a second release. When police arrested him and returned to the stash, they found 73 individually wrapped pieces of crack cocaine, a larger piece and a .45-caliber Ruger handgun, police said. A further search under the house turned up another gun, which was also seized, police said.

Frith was charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and with violating probation for previous cocaine-distribution and gun charges. The gun was listed as stolen from St. Tammany Parish, so Frith was also charged with possession of a stolen firearm, police said.

5 thoughts on “Seven arrested in three Central City drug busts

  1. The police knew about these place pre Telly Hankton. So now they want to use him as a escape goat. Maybe if they would have done their job in the first place………………SOMEBODY WOULD’NT HAVE LOST THEIR LIFE.

    • Macho, not only did they know, they allowed these dummies to sell drugs in the community, then bust ’em like they’re fighting crime. John Matthews was into some illegal stuff, but you’ll never hear that in the news and you noticed they never published the white-man’s name in the paper, but they now want to make the public believe that they care about “us” You can not sell a stick pin in this city without NOPD knowledge, so to make Telly Hankton the scape goat in the norm in our community! Like I tell all who would listen: Give ’em back their poison, and let ’em sell their own!

  2. First of all, Telly Hankton {The alleged Boogey Man} is in jail. Serpas, like his pa, is a career-criminal when it comes to scarying white-folks about black thugs. No where in this story does these arrests link to Telly Hankton. But this newsletter is trying to feed the public this garbage, as all racist white-folks do in the city. But this newsletter will NEVER say who authorize the selling of drugs in our community. Who gets extortion money for the drug trade. But you want to sell this B.S. about Telly Hankton!!! Selective/prejudice/bias reporting as ya’ll are infamous for.

  3. “…and with violating probation for previous cocaine-distribution and gun charges.”

    Once again, reaching for the low-hanging fruit. Looks like somebody forgot to pay their monthly “tribute” to NOPD.

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