“Alamo Underground” to rise again on Freret Street

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A performance at the former Mid-City location of the Alamo Underground (via the Alamo Underground Facebook page)

A shuttered Mid-City entertainment venue will be resurrected this fall on Freret Street, bringing late-night bagels and an eclectic mix of performances to the same block of buildings that already hosts a comedy theater and bar.

The exterior of the Freret Street location of The Alamo Underground (via their Facebook page)

The Alamo Underground was a performance space in Bayou St. John for about six years before a roof collapse this past April, art director Casey Mintzer told the members of the Freret Business and Property Owners Association in a brief presentation on Monday evening. She considered trying to rebuild, but did not have zoning for live music, and instead opted for Freret Street where the regulations were more amenable, she said.

The new incarnation in the block with La Nuit Comedy Theater will feature art and music performances Thursday through Sunday nights, while serving bagels baked daily by the new Artz Bagelz on Magazine Street, Mintzer said. Drinks will be provided by the Box Office Bar next door, though Mintzer said she is still working on the specifics of that arrangement with City Hall.

Mintzer hopes to have the space open by Nov. 3, she said.

To read a recap of our live coverage of the meeting — which also included an update on street improvements on Freret — click “Replay” in the box below.

5 thoughts on ““Alamo Underground” to rise again on Freret Street

  1. That’s great how the “Alamo Underground” will rise again this fall on Freret Street, being on the same block as La Nuit Comedy Theater! It’s nice how the refreshments served will include Artz Bagelz’ bagels and drinks by the Box Office Bar next door.

  2. Every day brings more good news for Freret St. I wish so bad I had bought my house there six years ago, instead of Uptown Magazine. Great as Magazine is, the small contingent of self-destructive NIMBY neighbors are always working to try to stifle new, creative businesses. Freret should stand as an example for the NIMBY neighborhood associations (and NIMBYs like Councilwoman Guidry) of what this city is capable of when we lighten up a little and let New Orleans be New Orleans.

    Freret is truly becoming the most interesting neighborhood in the city.

  3. I can’t wait for the Alamo to be resurrected! The new location sounds great and hope to see some old faces from the old venue as well as some new ones! 😀

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