Uptown land-use issues included on agenda with temporary councilman selection

Although the selection of a temporary member of the City Council to serve for the next six months will likely dominate Thursday’s council meeting, a number of Uptown-based land-use issues are on the agenda as well. On Thursday, the City Council is slated to nominate an interim replacement for at-large Councilman Arnie Fielkow from 16 applicants for the job, more than half of whom have strong Uptown connections. The interim councilman will not be able to run for the remainder of Fielkow’s term in a special election in March. Prior to that discussion, however, the council’s agenda calls for discussion of a number of ongoing land-use issues, including changes to the operating agreement for Whole Foods, expansion of school-use zoning at the Isidore Newman School campus, liquor sales at a new CVS Pharmacy on Claiborne Avenue, a large addition to the Poydras Home retirement facility, and re-subdivision of several lots in the 4500 block of Freret Street.

Two arrested after Felicity Street shooting

Investigators have identified and arrested two men they believe are responsible for a shooting earlier this month on Felicity Street in the Lower Garden District, but the victims’ reluctance to cooperate makes it unlikely the charges will be prosecuted, police said. After an argument broke out at a club on Tchoupitoulas the night of Sept. 8, two people left and went to a residence in the 600 block of Felicity, police said. Shortly thereafter, a silver Ford SUV pulled up and two men got out and began shooting, hitting both people and then driving off, police said. Detectives identified the shooters as 23-year-old Andre Bell and 27-year-old Marquel Horton, and Bell turned himself in Sept.

Advertiser Bulletin: Creative Zumo “Holiday promotions should be closely aligned with your overall branding.”

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Jean-Paul Villere: Food Truck (The Movie)

The biggest movement in food these days is quite simply the movement of food.  Cuisine mobility.  Culinaria transportica.  The anti drive thru.  While some American cities have been experiencing a food truck culture for some time, the stride is just now hitting here in New Orleans.  Case in point: the first annual Street Fare Derby coming up this Saturday, September 24th.  And as this phenomenon is slowly becoming a mainstay to the American landscape I am reminded of another from yesteryear: the trucker. In 1978 a young, handsome, and shirtless Kris Kristofferson starred in the ultimate trucking movie, Convoy.  Revered by some, shrugged off by most, this film reflects to some degree likely accurately a time abuzz with CBs, Trans Ams, and interstate culture revealing a brotherhood of the blue-collar open road.  The independence and strength of the American spirit.  The willfulness and industriousness of the American worker.  That was then.  This is now.  What we haven’t outsourced, we’ve at least minimized.  But we still have to eat! So along with the business trends of the 21st century, how we eat has also changed.  Or at least it’s been modified.  Why?  Because the drive thru is still king, and it likely always will be.  But don’t hold your breath for tastier or healthier mass produced menu choices.  What exactly is a McRib anyway?  So the marketplace has responded and provided the answer: the food truck. The wonder of food trucks lies in its strength in numbers notion. Just like the multi-layered charge of Kristofferson’s convoy, food trucks rely on each other a la the law of attraction.  Typically each offers something distinct and narrow in profile but different than their neighbor.  Some only do fries.  Or tacos.  Or grilled cheese.  Only.  Part of its beauty is its simplicity.  The other part is being nimble.  Operating small as in any industry allows the purveyor to be move around, literally.  Change the menu, just so.  Listen to your audience and respond accordingly.

Banknote-toting duo cleared in Walnut Street home invasion; investigation continues

Investigators have located the two people photographed in a bank inquiring about the value of old currency similar to that taken in a violent home-invasion robbery on Walnut Street in August, and although they are no longer thought to be involved, the investigation remains active, police said Tuesday. In early August, a home on Walnut Street was robbed by two masked men and a woman who bound two victims with duct tape at gunpoint and shocked one with a Taser. The following Monday, investigators were alerted to surveillance videos of two people at a Whitney Bank branch on the Westbank with some currency from the early 1900s similar to that taken from the home. Based on information from the public, investigators have since found the two people in the photos and questioned them, said Lt. Mike Montalbano, interim commander of the NOPD Second District. The pair offered an explanation as to how they acquired the banknotes in circumstances unrelated to the Walnut Street robbery, Montalbano said, and further investigation showed their story to be plausible, so police no longer believe they had any involvement.

City places second Maple Street bar under strict sanctions

T.J. Quills agreed to a $2,000 fine and strict operating conditions Tuesday, joining Rocco’s Tavern as the second Maple Street to bar to be placed under sanctions following allegations of underage drinking earlier this year. In addition to the fine, the bar must immediately fire any employee who sells alcohol to minors and must check for ID both at the door and at the bar, said city attorney Dan McNamara, reading the agreement during Tuesday’s meeting of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board. TJ Quills must not play any music that can be heard more than 50 feet from the building. When music is playing, all windows must be shut, and patrons coming and going cannot hold the door open for more than 60 seconds. Loitering is prohibited outside the bar, and TJ Quills must help the neighborhood association, Maple Area Residents Inc., pay for security patrols in the blocks immediately around it.

Guns and drugs seized on raid of home just off Freret

A narcotics investigation of a home a block off Freret Street last week led to the arrest of a man for the alleged possession of crack cocaine and two guns, police said. Investigators searched the house at 2559 Valence on Thursday and found 24-year-old Warren Henderson Sr. with a half-ounce of crack cocaine, a 12-gauge shotgun and a 9-mm handgun, according to an email alert from the NOPD Second District. Henderson was charged with possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, possession of oxycodone, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of a firearm with narcotics, jail records show. He had previously been convicted on a felony burglary charge in Georgia and was wanted in that state for probation violation, the NOPD alert said.

Johnson School community to meet with RSD officials

As the James Weldon Johnson Elementary School community looks to the future, the Recovery School District has agreed to meet with school and neighborhood leaders at 6 p.m. Wednesday (Sept. 21) at the Johnson school, 1800 Monroe Street. “The meeting tomorrow evening is about the future of Johnson school,” said neighborhood education activist Betty DiMarco. “What does RSD have planned for the school – should it become a charter? What are RSD’s goals for this year?

Ancora chef: “You become more creative by limiting what it is you are doing.”

In an interview with the Blackened Out food blog, Jeffrey Talbot of Ancora on Freret Street discusses the primacy of sea salt, the “emotional experience” of pizza in California, the regional flavors of Italy, and the legendary oven he built in his backyard of his home outside Lake Charles. (To borrow Blackened Out’s disclaimer of sorts, the article is flavored with “the profanity laced patois of the kitchen.”)