City’s neighborhood liaison urges Uptown residents to attend crime summit

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Katrina Badger of the mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Engagement asks Uptown residents to “take a lead on reducing violent crime” by attending Saturday’s “Saving Our Sons” summit Saturday morning at the UNO Lakefront Arena:

The Mayor has called us all to take action together to reduce violent crime in our city. It is critical for Uptown residents to come out in strong numbers united with the rest of the city.

This will only work if we all take action together. If you think violent crime is not impacting you and your neighborhood, or that you have no role to play in reducing it, please reconsider. This is our city and all of our quality of life is impacted by the unnaturally and unacceptably high rate of violent crime in our city. Each and every one of us has something that we can contribute to this city-wide movement.

We are asking the business community, the faith community, the education community, the non-profit community and all residents of all ages of the City of New Orleans to come out and stand for this cause with the Mayor and Crime Commissioner and your fellow New Orleanians. Let’s have Uptown take a lead on reducing violent crime in our city!

Crime Action Summit
S.O.S. NOLA: Saving Our Sons
Saturday, September 17th
UNO Lakefront Arena
9:00 am Doors open
10:00 am Program begins

One thought on “City’s neighborhood liaison urges Uptown residents to attend crime summit

  1. If people are really serious about controlling crime, it might be worth considering doing something about a serious crime that is not illegal. It seems self-evident that it is a serious crime to do the things that produce children when the perps are unable or unwilling to take care of them without outside help.

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