City places second Maple Street bar under strict sanctions

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T.J Quills

T.J. Quills agreed to a $2,000 fine and strict operating conditions Tuesday, joining Rocco’s Tavern as the second Maple Street to bar to be placed under sanctions following allegations of underage drinking earlier this year.

In addition to the fine, the bar must immediately fire any employee who sells alcohol to minors and must check for ID both at the door and at the bar, said city attorney Dan McNamara, reading the agreement during Tuesday’s meeting of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board.

TJ Quills must not play any music that can be heard more than 50 feet from the building. When music is playing, all windows must be shut, and patrons coming and going cannot hold the door open for more than 60 seconds.

Loitering is prohibited outside the bar, and TJ Quills must help the neighborhood association, Maple Area Residents Inc., pay for security patrols in the blocks immediately around it. TJ Quills must also help pay for litter pickup, and if they want to continue using go cups, they must be clearly labeled TJ Quills to make them identifiable if they are thrown on the ground.

Contact information must be posted outside the bar for someone who is immediately reachable between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., and the bar’s owners must attend meetings of Maple Area Residents Inc. to address complaints.

Point for point, the agreement resembles the conditions placed on Rocco’s in June. But alcohol board member Jerry Speir, who represents the area, questioned whether the punishment was severe enough, given the young age of the drinkers in the bar: TJ Quills attorney David Motter said one person found drinking was 16.

“If either of you guys come back before this board while I’m on it, I’m not going to be pleased,” Speir said of both establishments.

Also on Tuesday’s agenda were the Uptown Deli/Uptown Daiquiris/Discount City cluster of businesses at 2013 South Claiborne, the Key Food Store at 2600 Louisiana Avenue, the Precinct bar at 1379 Annunciation, Daiquiri Island on Earhart Boulevard, and Honey Bee’s Place at 2714 Felicity. They were all postponed until later board meetings.

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4 thoughts on “City places second Maple Street bar under strict sanctions

  1. This is a little excessive, given the offense. I don’t get the neighbors complaining about noise. Who buys a house near Maple and expects it to be anything but a little rowdy?

  2. I am a member of the MARI and they never have meetings except the once a year meeting. I never receive e mails from them informing me of anything, and as for the security patrol there is not one that I am aware of and our neighborhood voted it down. So where is that money going?

  3. MARI doesn’t represent the majority of the homeowners around Maple but somehow they get to push their input as though it came directly from the setiment of our neighborhood.

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