Uptown, Carrollton-area school building plans up for review

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Uptown-based Orleans Parish School Board districts 5 and 6

Supporters of moving Johnson Elementary to the old Priestley site will make their case to state and parish school officials Monday night at a public hearing on school plans in School Board District 6, which includes the Carrollton, Audubon and university neighborhoods in Uptown New Orleans.

School officials have said these meetings will be a crucial part of the process of dividing a $2 billion FEMA settlement to rebuild schools across the city. After public hearings have been held in each school board district, officials have said they will create a final draft of the plan based on the comments they receive.

The District 6 meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday at the McMain High School, 5712 S. Claiborne Ave. School buildings in District 6 are listed below, according to their placement in the current plan:

Phase 1 (in progress)

  • Audubon (Audubon Charter) – Designed, $12.8 million renovation

Phase 2 (funded)

  • Bethune (Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary) – $4.4 million classroom addition
  • Dunbar site – $23.9 million new school
  • Fisk-Howard site – $23.9 million new school
  • Lafayette (Lafayette Charter) – $22.2 million renovation
  • Johnson (James Weldon Johnson Elementary) – $15.8 million renovation

Phase 3 (unfunded)

  • Crossman (Esperanza Charter) – $12.4 million renovation
  • Lusher (Lusher Charter Elementary) – $14.6 million renovation

Removed from plan, no longer needed

  • New Jeff (TBD site)
  • Priestley – vacant and secured

No improvements planned

  • Audubon Extension (Audubon Charter)
  • Banneker (Benjamin Banneker Elementary)
  • McNair (KIPP Believe College Prep)


  • Augustine – vacant and secured
  • Chester – demolished
  • Derham – demolition in summer 2011
  • LaSalle – sold
  • Terrell – vacant and secured, demolition in 2011

The meeting for neighboring District 5, which runs from Uptown to the Lower Garden District, is set for 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 26, at Dryades YMCA, 2220 O.C. Haley Blvd.

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