TJ Quill’s on Maple charged with underage-drinking violations

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TJ Quill’s bar has become the latest Maple Street college bar to fall under the city’s scrutiny, with a hearing scheduled Tuesday afternoon before the Alcohol Beverage Control board.

Allegations against the bar reference the city law that prohibits selling alcohol to people under 21, allowing people under 18 into a bar, or permitting any disturbance of the peace.

Also on Tuesday’s agenda for the Alcohol Beverage Control Board are the Precinct on Annunciation, the cluster of businesses in the former Wagner’s Meat building on South Claiborne, and the Key Food Store on Louisiana Avenue.

In June, after several months of negotiations with the city over similar charges, Rocco’s bar agreed to an extensive set of sanctions that included $2,000 in fines, contributions to the neighborhood safety patrols and strict measures to prevent underage drinking, noise, loitering or trash. That agreement was hailed by City Councilwoman Susan Guidry as a a model for curtailing “outrageous behavior” on Maple and making its entertainment venues more restrained, like those on Magazine or Oak street.

Rocco’s had been raided in NOPD in January, around the same time officers swept TJ Quills for liquor-license violations. During the Rocco’s proceedings, city officials suggested repeatedly that more scrutiny would be applied to the liquor licenses for college bars in the Maple Street area.

(Maple Street tiles via Mark LaFlaur’s photostream on Flickr)

2 thoughts on “TJ Quill’s on Maple charged with underage-drinking violations

  1. From what I understand TJ Quills was written a ticket for not have a manager with a licence on duty. This is a local ordinace to get $135 out of you in the city of nola. This is not needed anywhere else in the state of LA. They were not written a ticket for serving underage. Councilman Guidry, thank you for having 18 police officers in the area for this worthless raid. I wonder why there so many robberies that month in the 2nd district. Can we please have a live forum with this councilwoman to see what her exact problems are with this area. I lived in this area for 38 years. These bars have been here for over 60 years. The problems in this area are to the minimum. New people are moving into this area because the property is not outrageous and then they want to change the area. Councilwoman Guidry does not care about any buisness in this area because they do not have a vote. A new site will be coming up soon. Please support local buisness in NOLA. Everyone knows NOLA residents hate chain restraunts and investors hate city hall. if you are against local buisness move to baton rouge.

  2. I feel as though allowing ANYONE in a bar under the age of 21 is asking for trouble. They get in and the bartenders are slam packed busy and do not pay attention to who is coming up to the bar, serve whoever. I’ve seen it myself. 21 should be the age requirement for all of these New Orleans bars and night club.

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