Advertiser Bulletin: Meet the adoptable kittens of Zeus’ Place

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Kittens gather together at lunch time at Zeus' Place as they quietly purr between bites of tuna. All of these kittens are waiting to find good homes and can be adopted at Zeus' Place. (Sabree Hill,

Meet Shaken, Kylie, Worm, Ring and Casper — just a few of the adorable and camera friendly kittens available for adoption at Zeus’ Place. Continue reading to learn more about their unique personalities and what brought them to Zeus’ Place.

The little 7 week old kitten had a rough start. Born on the streets, he was destined to the life of a feral cat on the streets. Believe it or not, the best thing that ever happened to this kitten was that it was picked up and shaken by a dog on its morning walk. The dog’s owner ran over to ZP and told us what happened. We found Shaken under a dumpster. We got him out and got him to a vet. After a couple of days of TLC, Shaken’s personality started to show through. Turns out, he is one awesome little dude. He loves other cats, dogs, kids, adults, sofas and Cheetos. (Photo by Sabree Hill,

Kylie was rescued with her 3 siblings. She was destined to a life on the streets as a feral cat. After some pretty long hours and lots of love, Kylie has turned in to a purr/human loving machine. She is going to be a big girl as she is much larger than her siblings and enjoys sharing her bed with them! (Photo by Sabree Hill,

Have a mouse problem? Worm in your answer. Worm would be more than happy to keep your house rodent and insect free! As an avid player, Worm would make a great addition to any home with cats, dogs or kids! (Photo by Sabree Hill,

Casper, brother to Kylie, is our comedienne. This little girl has one of the best personalities and will keep you laughing if you decide to make her a part of your family. Casper loves dogs, cats, kids and cuddling! (Photo by Sabree Hill,

Ring, brother to Worm, is also an avid rodent hunter. His sleek build makes it easy for him to fit right in to your heart and home! (Photo by Sabree Hill,

Michelle Ingram and Kevin Harrington, from Zeus' Place, play with kittens currently up for adoption at Zeus' Place. The adoption fee is just $100, which includes all shots, spaying and neutering, and a starter bag of kitten food. (Photo by Sabree Hill,

Zeus’ Place is located at 4601 Freret and is open seven days a week, from 8-6 Monday to Friday and 8.30-5.30 Saturday and Sunday. (Sabree Hill,

Stop by Zeus’ Place and fall in love with your own kitten or come home with one of the adorable kittens above. All the kittens have such unique personalities and the staff at Zeus’ Place would love to  match you up with the perfect kitten.  The adoption fee is just $100, which includes all shots, spaying and neutering, and a starter bag of kitten food.  For more information call 504.304.4718 or visit the website at  These kittens all really need good homes so come meet them today.

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  1. Thank you for the information about the adoptable kittens of Zeus’ Place! Shaken, Kylie, Worm, Ring, and Casper are just adorable. They remind me of mine and my family’s two cats, which we adopted awhile back.

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