Second suspect from Mississippi identified in January home invasion

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Joshua McReynolds (via NOPD)

A second Mississippi man is now wanted in connection with a violent Uptown New Orleans home invasion in January, and investigators continue to hold open the possibility that the duo may be behind a second, similar attack at a different home the same week.

Investigators had previously identified John Sholar, 23, as a suspect in the Jan. 31 home-invasion burglary on the 2000 block of Jena and filed a warrant for his arrest about two weeks ago, believing him to be back in his home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Sholar had a court date in Waveland, Miss., and when he showed up, police there arrested him on the warrant, said NOPD Detective Guy Swalm, the Second District gun-crime specialist.

John Sholar (via NOPD)

Sholar, however, told police in Mississippi that 25-year-old Joshua McReynolds is the masked man who was with him at Jena Street, Swalm said. In that case, Sholar knocked on the door and talked the woman inside into opening it, and McReynolds followed him in wearing a mask and tying up the woman who let them in, ransacking the house in search of a safe, police said at the time. The woman told the police that the masked man identified by Sholar as McReynolds hit her with a gun during the attack, Swalm said.

The attack on Jena Street followed a very similar break-in the day before on Tchoupitoulas Street, in which a woman known to nearly 2,000 followers on Twitter as “Liz_Money” was attacked from behind and tied up while an intruder searched her house for a safe she never had (Uptown Messenger has allowed her to retain the partial anonymity of her Twitter handle so she can speak openly about the case without placing herself in further danger). Swalm said the two cases still seem similar enough that a mistaken identity remains possible, but investigators cannot make any definite connection until Sholar and McReynolds are extradited to Orleans Parish and can be interviewed.

“The problem is, Liz never got a look at the guy,” Swalm said.

Liz has not moved back into her house on Tchoupitoulas since the attack, but said the continued developments in her case are beginning to restore some of her confidence.

“It’s getting weirder and weirder, because I have no idea how I was rolled into all this mess,” Liz said Friday. “But if this situation is more of a connection and will give me some closure, then, fine. I at least know it’s not my house. It’s not really me.”

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  1. i know joshua and he diffently was not there or with that lying john sholar i no both and joshua was at a funeral that same day? so the nopd just arrest people on hear say of people already in jail to get a break . weres the real proof / thats what is fair????

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