Developer to share new design for Walgreens on Magazine Street

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This modern design for a Walgreens on Magazine Street drew some outcry from neighbors, prompting developers to create a redesign that will be presented to the public in a meeting July 12. (image via

With Walgreens moving forward on a store in the old American Legion hall on Magazine Street and no land-use changes required from the city, the developer on the project is holding a second community meeting to share new designs for the renovated building.

At a meeting in March, neighbors were as concerned about the modern, glass-fronted design proposed for the building as they were about any other issues. Architects have since redesigned the building, and will present their plans at 6 p.m. July 12 at a meeting at the American Legion hall.

According to an email from Karen Duncan, president of the Upper Hurstville Neighborhood Association:

Stirling Properties will hold an open public meeting on July 12th at 6:00 pm at the American Legion Hall to discuss how Stirling plans to minimize impact on the neighborhood during construction. In response to numerous requests, Stirling will also present the revised facade design of the building. Stirling went back to the drawing boards after the last public meeting and studied the historical design influences found in the Magazine Street corridor. The architects then utilized those influences for the new design. The new facade now has added brick, an awning structure, and the large facade is separated both horizontally and vertically to create a more pedestrian friendly scale.

11 thoughts on “Developer to share new design for Walgreens on Magazine Street

  1. Although I am completely opposed to the idea of Walgreens at this location, as I recall, only one person voiced concern about the design at the March meeting. At the very least, give us something attractive. When you try to build something that looks old, if often looks cheap. This design is attractive and will be in parallel with Whole Foods.

    • bpk – Thanks for the comment. I looked back at our live coverage of the meeting, and it appears that design issues were raised a couple of times by the audience, and defended separately a couple of times by the developers. My recollection is also that those discussions had a more back-and-forth aspect than some of the other parts of the meeting (where questions were largely handled by the moderators from the neighborhoods), so it does seem that design was a concern that night. But a number of people seem to share your point of view, that a modern design is appropriate and that the rendering shown is acceptable. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve come up with.

      • You’re probably correct. I just remember one lady in particular commenting about the design and wanting it to look like a series of shotgun houses.

        What really gets me is the lack of interest in this issue from neighbors and the neighborhood associations. This has pretty serious implications for Magazine St. as a whole and this neighbor specifically. It seems that only Mimi’s and myself are concerned enough to do anything. Maybe some people want a Walgreens at this location, or maybe in light of the Romney debacle and Audubon park/Children’s Hospital issue, people are just apathetic and have no faith in our local government or neighborhood association to make a stand. Needless to say I am wildly disappointed in Susan Guidry and readying my “Anybody but Guidry” signs! When is that election again???

        Thanks again for the great coverage.

  2. I like the design, sad it will probably be changed to a faux historic design that will look like a poorly done parody of our community.

    Example: the chicos and pink berry storefront down the block. oh wait we like those stores nvm…

    • I forwarded this link to Stirling prop. as to make them aware-
      Would much rather this look cool, than fauxoldurbia AKA all the other crap built in nola post K.
      See Harmony Oaks + MLK blvd for examples and or the rest Suburbamerica.

    • Curious…?…
      The pre-determined strip mall hattin “snob locally” side of my brain assumes the modernist building came form a firm that understands the neighborhood and B1A zoning (local?), while logic reminds me that is Walgreens.
      Sorry, but I’m on Freret so we can only be jealous…
      But I can politely ask someone from the NIMBY crowd to over there to think logically, and step out your front door to confront the neighborhood bullies before it’s too late.
      Sorry Dee but a Wallymart designer won’t do, who ever torn down the River Gate (kudus and sorry to Arthur Davis) and gave us Harrahs Casino is far more qualified.

      • The problem is that the zoning here is NOT B1-A, (which it should be,) but B2, which allows any building up to 25,000 sq. ft, and 55′ high. This zoning is crazy unless the intent is to destroy the Magazine St. we know and love. The new zoning ordinance should change this inappropriate zoning to B1A, but then no one has seen the new CZO, and I am betting that it continues to show B2. The neighborhood association is a joke, nothing more than a social group – they dont know and dont care about zoning or the ramifications of bad zoning.

        • Thanks Betsy.

          Wow!!!! Like the fool am I just just assumed it was BIA


          55′ tall…

          Some say City Hall. is pure dysfunction, a joke, the most *****backwards governing body in the States…

          They maybe correct.

          But we need solutions!!!!! and it takes voices like yours to make them happen, thanks for helping & Uptown Messenger for providing the forum.

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