Neighbors United Tree Planting at St. Vincent Cemetery (Photo Gallery)

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Patrick Kadow and Greg Ensslen pull a tree out of the back of a yellow truck to plant at the cemetery at Soniat and Loyola Sunday morning. The tree planting was the November service project for Neighbors United. Parkway Partners, a nonprofit dedicated to beautifying New Orleans, donated 16 trees to Neighbors United. A dozen trees were planted on the road along St. Vincent's Cemetery. "We are just trying to beautify the area," said Kadow, who organized the event. Photo by Sabree Hill (

Eva Sohl, Annie Forest and Ed Vail, rake away rock before planting trees along the road Saturday morning. "We noticed that there were no trees in this area and we thought it would be great to plant some trees and make this a more beautiful area," said Dean Gancarz-Davies, President of Neighbors United. Photo by Sabree Hill (

Crepe myrtle trees, magnolia trees and holly trees sit in the back of a big yellow truck before being planted along the road Saturday morning. Photo by Sabree Hill (

Santiago Tillero, 2, holds a rake at the Neighbors United tree planting by St. Vincent Cemetery Saturday morning. Photo by Sabree Hill (

A resident passes by on his bicycle while Tom Shannon waters a magnolia tree planted by Neighbors United and volunteers Saturday afternoon. Photo by Sabree Hill (

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