Saints fans at Madigan’s Bar

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Rebecca Schattman sits next to Duncan Blake-Finley and throws her arm up in the air in disappointment as she watches the Saints vs. Cleveland Browns game at Madigan's Bar on S Carrollton Ave. Sunday afternoon. Cleveland Browns won 30-17.

Bartender Jennifer Cunningham watches the Saints play the Cleveland Browns on a large screen at Madigan's Bar.

Gus Coto holds Milo, a miniature long haired chiwawa wearing a Saints jersey, and watches the Saints play the Cleveland Browns at Madigan's Bar.

Dressed in black and gold attendees of Madigan's Bar watch the Saints play the Cleveland Browns.

Wearing black and gold Katie Lavigne and Christian Rodriguez regretfully watch the Cleveland Browns defeat the Saints at Madigan's Bar.

Karla Valdivia throws her arms up above her hand as she watches the last quarter of the Saints game at Madigan's Bar.

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