NOPD 2nd District: Robberies by bike-riding men

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Late-night robberies by bike-riding men are an emerging concern in the New Orleans Police Department’s Second District, officials said Wednesday.

The Second District saw an unusually high number of “persons crimes” last week, seven, a figure well above normal, Capt. Darryl Albert told his staff at the weekly Comstat meeting. A common feature of these is that the suspects were riding bicycles along neighborhood streets between midnight and 6 a.m.

Burglaries continue to be a problem. Albert urged officers to watch for moving van-style vehicles, because many of the burglars are breaking into homes, stealing large items like big-screen TVs, dashing them into the van and moving on. The last week also saw a number of car break-ins, and detectives said that dashboard-mounted GPS devices are “like a beacon” to opportunistic thieves.

Albert also noted that the Second District’s primary area of concern has shifted to the Milan area and away from Carrollton and Leonidas.

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