Oct 102011

The expansion of Audubon Charter's campus will be added near Pine Street, as shown in this architect's rendering from January. (courtesy Jacobs/CSRS)

Audubon Charter School will postpone the legislative process toward expanding its Broadway campus for 30 days while it meets with neighbors to iron out operational issues, an official said Monday. Continue reading »

Dec 012010

An architect's rendering of the Pine Street view of the rear of the Audubon Charter School expansion. The yellow portions represent the size of the additions (without architectural features included yet); the gray portion is the existing building. The expansion will be completely contained behind the current building and not visible from Broadway.

Audubon Charter School parents, teachers and neighbors literally applauded a new design for the expansion of the school’s Broadway campus on Wednesday night, but as more details began to emerge, so did more vocal concerns about traffic flow around the school as children come and go.

Ultimately, the streets on either side of the school may need to be made one-way, said one neighborhood leader. Continue reading »

Oct 182010

The facade of Audubon Charter School's Broadway campus will remain essentially unchanged after renovations, which will add 10,000 square feet of new space to the rear of the building.

Upcoming renovations to Audubon Charter School’s Broadway campus will add substantially to the building’s size, and the unsettled question of exactly how that addition will be configured was the subject of vigorous discussion Monday night at the school.

The school’s 10,000-square-foot expansion will be situated toward the rear of the campus, leaving the view of the historic school building nearly unaffected from Broadway Street, said architect Ron Blitch of Blitch/Knevel architects. The new portion will mostly face Pine Street and could be either a primarily one- or two-story building, a choice that dominated most of the evening’s discussion. Continue reading »