Aug 052014
Egyptologist Melinda Nelson-Hurst (center) examines a coffin housed at Tulane University. (photo by Rene Guitart for the Middle American Research Institute, reprinted with permission from Tulane University)

Egyptologist Melinda Nelson-Hurst (center) examines a coffin housed at Tulane University. (photo by Rene Guitart for the Middle American Research Institute, reprinted with permission from Tulane University)

Egyptologist Melinda Nelson-Hurst of Tulane University is “amazed at the amount of detail” she has been able to discover about the 3,000-year-old mummy of Djed-Thoth-iu-ef-ankh, a priest and overseer at the Temple of Amun in Thebes, according to an article by Carol Schlueter in the New Wave university news service. The mummy is one of two that have resided at Tulane since 1852, but the other — that of a 15-year-old girl — has not given up its secrets as easily, the article states.

Jun 062013

Newsflash: “Neighbors and nightclub clash over live music.” It sounds like a headline from any given day’s report from the City Council chambers, but it’s actually a story that’s nearly as old as New Orleans.

Whether New Orleans properly takes care of its musicians and other artists is another never-ending saga — but one that may finally be showing some improvement, according a panel discussion held at Tulane University on Thursday evening. Continue reading »

Jun 052013

How the economy surrounding the culture of New Orleans can lead to gentrification — possibly threatening the authenticity of the culture for the future — will be debated by jazz musicians Ellis Marsalis and Shamarr Allen, as well as professor Richard Campanella, journalist Katy Reckdahl and business owner Mike Valentino in a forum Thursday at Tulane University’s Hillel Center. Continue reading »

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Jan 292013

Tulane sports-law professor Gabe Feldman introduces former Saints players Steve Gleason and Scott Fujita before a panel discussion on “The Future of Football,” as Tulane President Scott Cowen (sitting next to Gleason) smiles from the audience. (Robert Morris,

Public concern about the long-term risks of football on young children — including that expressed by President Obama this week — may ultimately represent the biggest threat to the future of the nation’s most popular pasttime, former Saints player Steve Gleason said during a panel discussion on the issue Tuesday night.

Until very recently, it would not have been uncommon for a 6-year-old boy to dream of growing up to be like San Diego Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau, Gleason said. But after Seau committed suicide last year — and was subsequently discovered to have signs of a depression-causing degenerative brain disease linked to repetitive head injuries — children may now be starting to decide they don’t want to be like NFL players, Gleason said. When the President of the United States speculates that if he had a son, he might not want him to play football, that’s one more major step in that direction, Gleason said.

“Now, that kid — and his parents — do not want to grow up to be like Junior. As a result, the talent pool is diminished, and the game slowly becomes less relevant,” said Gleason, who is also battling ALS. “Obama, with his hypothetical comment, in his own way diminished the hypothetical talent pool, which is the greatest asset the NFL has.” Continue reading »

Jan 282013

A panel of NFL reporters, sports-law experts and a representative of the player’s league will discuss how issues related to injuries will affect “The Future of Football” in an event Tuesday evening hosted by New Orleans Hillel at Tulane University. Continue reading »

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Nov 272012

Former Gov. Buddy Roemer and Tulane professor Melissa Harris-Perry at the Hillel center. (photos by Robert Morris,

To the casual observer, it might be surprising how often a 69-year-old banker from Shreveport who served as the Republican governor of Louisiana agreed Tuesday night with a Tulane professor of African-American studies who hosts a weekend show on the left-leaning cable news network MSNBC.

But for those familiar with the easy rapport between former Gov. Buddy Roemer and Melissa Harris-Perry and the respect each has for the other’s independence of thought, wide agreements between the two were to be expected. Instead, it was the sharp, heartfelt disagreement between the two that came as a shock — and it came on an issue both are heavily personally involved in, education in Louisiana. Continue reading »

Nov 262012

Buddy Roemer

Melissa Harris-Perry

Tulane Hillel will host a debate between former Governor Buddy Roemer and Tulane Professor Melissa Harris-Perry, who also hosts her own MSNBC show, in a forum called “Is America Moving to The Left? Was This Election About Ideology at All?” on Tuesday evening (Nov. 27). Continue reading »

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Oct 252012

The Hullabaloo, Tulane University’s student-run newspaper, is suing the state Division of Administration for turnstile records from Green Wave football games after the Superdome’s private management company, SMG, turned down a similar request, according to a report by Jessica Appelbaum of The Hullabaloo. “The attendance records are … relevant because a faction of neighborhood residents criticize Tulane’s plans to build a stadium of that size,” Appelbaum reports. “They question the accuracy of the attendance numbers Tulane is reporting.”

A hearing in the case is set for Monday afternoon.

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Oct 172012

Tulane sent members of the university community emails and text alerts about “reports of shots fired” and urging them to seek shelter Wednesday afternoon, but a few minutes later issued a statement that no shooting incident had taken place and that the messages were inadvertently sent during a test of a new system. Continue reading »

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Oct 062012

Trent Mackey (via Tulane official site)

Attorneys for the suspended Tulane linebacker accused of orchestrating a July home-invasion robbery on Broadway Street are arguing that a second, unrelated burglary charge against him is based on scant evidence and should be thrown out. Continue reading »

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Sep 132012

A document governing Tulane University’s use of its new on-campus stadium — including what types of events will be held there and other issues such as parking, lighting and noise — “will likely be finalized by mid to late September,” according to an article by Jessica Appelbaum posted Thursday on the Tulane Hullabaloo student newspaper website.

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