Apr 032013

Stacy Head, right, beams at her aide, Barbara-Lacen Keller, in a scene from “Getting Back to Abnormal.” (courtesy of The Center for New American Media)

“Getting Back to Abnormal” — the documentary screening three times as part of the upcoming filmOrama festival at the Prytania Theatre — was never intended to focus on City Councilwoman Stacy Head. But Head’s controversial role in the post-Katrina political landscape of New Orleans combined with her unusual on-screen candor made her and staffer Barbara Lacen-Keller natural subjects for it, the filmmakers said.

“The fact that they let us film them was really good,” said Louis Alvarez, one of the four producer/directors. “A lot of politicians wouldn’t allow that.”

The film’s opening thesis is that in 2010, as Head approached her first re-election campaign, she had become “a lightning rod for all things racial,” and it does not shy away from many of her most controversial moments. Yet, in a phone interview Wednesday morning, Head said she has seen the film and was pleased with its outcome.

“I thought it showed the good, the bad and the ugly about New Orleans and politics and who I am,” Head said. “I don’t take myself too seriously, so I liked it.” Continue reading »

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Nov 272012

City Council president Stacy Head (right) embraces LaToya Cantrell after endorsing her bid for the District B council seat Tuesday morning. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

LaToya Cantrell was endorsed Tuesday morning in her bid for the District B seat on the City Council by Council President Stacy Head, a popular and influential voice in Uptown politics who twice won the seat in 2006 and 2010. Continue reading »

Jul 262012

Dana Kaplan

The race to fill the remainder of Stacy Head’s term representing the Uptown-based District B on the New Orleans City Council is now likely to be a three-way contest, with juvenile-justice advocate Dana Kaplan’s confirmation Thursday morning that she will be running. Continue reading »

Jun 032012

Errol George, Stacy Head's nominee to fill her former District B seat on a temporary basis, appearing in a video during her campaign for the At-Large seat. (via vimeo.com)

With the 30-day deadline expiring last week for the City Council to choose a temporary successor to Stacy Head for the District B seat, the job falls to Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Who should he pick?

Express your own choice in our survey, and add your thoughts in the comments.

May 312012

LaToya Cantrell (courtesy of the candidate)

Citing her experience with crime, quality of life and development issues as leader of a neighborhood that has been emblematic of the city’s recovery, the president of the Broadmoor Improvement Association announced her candidacy this week for the District B seat on the City Council.

“Based on the great training ground of Broadmoor in terms of working with a diverse community on every level, I would like to expand my scope of leadership to the next level, which is district wide,” said LaToya Cantrell in a telephone interview Thursday afternoon. Continue reading »

Mar 192012

Owen Courreges

The at-large city council election to replace departing Councilman Arnie Fielkow is looming, so none of the candidates are too anxious to commit any embarrassing political gaffes. Councilwoman Stacy Head, for example, is smartly avoiding the issue of traffic cameras (although Head is generally a good egg, her support of these things is baffling).

Rep. Austin Badon, however, recently laid out a daring and potentially polarizing policy proposal: an earnings tax. Continue reading »

Dec 082011

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

One of the ways to tell the future of any city or neighborhood is to find out if investors are willing to put up their money to underwrite new ventures. By that criterion, New Orleans’ Warehouse District is on a roll. Continue reading »

Dec 072011

Stacy Head

Stacy Head, who represents much of Uptown in her District B seat on the New Orleans City Council, was among the first candidates to formally sign up to run in the March 24 election for the open at-large seat vacated by the retirement of former Councilman Arnie Fielkow, state records show. Continue reading »

Nov 212011

Finger Lick'n Wings owner Marlon Horton, also known in his rap career as 10th Ward Buck, invites customers to his restaurant on Jackson Avenue in this image from a commercial on his website, fingerlicknwings.com.

Concerns about what neighbors described as repeated disruptive block parties at a Jackson Avenue chicken wings restaurant led the Coliseum Square Association to withhold its support for a liquor license at the establishment Monday night. Continue reading »

Nov 142011

Owen Courrèges

The mere mention of the words evokes fear in the minds of many New Orleanians: “Central City.” With a violent crime rate among the highest or New Orleans neighborhoods, the words are virtually synonymous with poverty, crime and seemingly insurmountable social disorder.

This being the case, one would think that nobody would be rushing to become Central City’s lead cheerleader. However, District B City Councilwoman Stacy Head has embraced the role wholeheartedly. Continue reading »

Nov 032011

A new restaurant on Magazine Street, a new nightclub on Freret Street and a new home in place of a historic one were all given approval by the City Council on Thursday, though each project has drawn its share of objections.

Johnny V’s restaurant next to Monkey Hill bar and the proposed Publiq House in the first floor of the Neighborhood Housing Services building on Freret were given tentative approval to step forward, receiving an affirmative vote that will not go into effect until good-neighbor agreements are signed. Meanwhile, a historic home on St. Charles Avenue can be demolished, after the council decided that the home that will replace it represents an improvement to the showcase street. Continue reading »

Oct 212011

After nearly a year of discussions and negotiations with neighbors and the city, Whole Foods Arabella Station will now be able to stay open an hour later on Sundays and display plants for sale on its front patio, with the official approval Thursday of only the least controversial of its requested changes to its operating agreement with the city. Continue reading »

Aug 252011

Officials from the Isidore Newman School will meet next week with the two surrounding neighborhood associations to discuss proposed changes to their campus, prior to the City Council’s vote on the issue next month. Continue reading »

Jun 202011

Current City Council district lines in Uptown New Orleans.

Most of Uptown New Orleans appears likely to avoid a political tug-of-war over redrawing City Council boundaries, though one proposal would change the representation for a handful of neighborhoods along Jefferson Avenue.

Of the five proposed redistricting plans unveiled this weekend, four show no changes to representation Uptown whatsoever, and one slides six voting precincts along Jefferson Avenue from Councilwoman Susan Guidry’s District A into Councilwoman Stacy Head’s District B. Continue reading »

May 232011

This diagram shows a possible layout of the entry signage for the Freret corridor. (obtained from the city by the Freret Business and Property Owners Association)

Two long-awaited Uptown street-beautification projects are poised to begin this summer after issues with their contractor delayed them from an expected spring start, officials said Monday afternoon.

The $500,000 streetscape upgrades on the Freret commercial corridor are set to begin in June, and $2 million worth of similar work on South Claiborne is expected to start in August, Deputy Mayor Cedric Grant told City Councilwoman Stacy Head during a meeting of the city’s Public Works Committee. Continue reading »

May 232011

Got an issue with the pace of pothole repairs, or the way that cars are parked in your neighborhood?

If so, you might have something to add to today’s meeting of the City Council Public Works Committee. Chaired by District B City Councilwoman Stacy Head, the meeting agenda includes a review of the city’s parking-enforcement and pothole-repair practices. Also slated for an update is the state of the streetscape projects around the city.

For details and links to this and other events in and of interest to Uptown New Orleans, see our full two-day calendar listings below. Continue reading »

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May 062011

The white area of the map shows current boundaries of the Historic District Landmarks Commission in the Lower Garden District. The red line roughly traces the boundaries being propsed for it.

City oversight of how buildings are designed and maintained could tighten throughout the Lower Garden District and into Central City and Mid-City, based on a proposal working its way through the city council.

Based on a motion by City Councilwoman Stacy Head, the city will create new committees to study the possibility of expanding the reach of the Historic District Landmarks Commission from its current territory in the Lower Garden District, roughly between Prytania and Annunciation streets, to the entire swath from the river to Carondelet between Jackson Avenue and the Ponchartrain Expressway. The committees will also consider designating new areas in Central City and Mid-City for the HDLC to cover. Continue reading »

Apr 252011

Current District B boundaries (via nolacitycouncil.com)

The New Orleans City Council comes to Uptown this week as part of a 10-stop neighborhood tour seeking public input on how council district lines should be redrawn following the 2010 Census.

City Councilwoman Stacy Head’s District B runs from Audubon though a number of Uptown neighborhoods to Central City and the Central Business district. Its population fell at roughly the same rate as the city’s overall population since 2000, meaning the 70,903 people now living in District B are quite close to the target of 68,765 for each district, according to the new Census. The other four council districts are either well above or well below that target, however, so any change to District B is more likely to come as a result of making adjustments to the other districts work. Continue reading »

Apr 192011

Commander Darryl Albert of the NOPD Second District speaks during an anti-crime march in the Milan neighborhood in January. (Sabree Hill, UptownMessenger.com)

After months of beseeching the Uptown-based NOPD Second District for more individualized attention to their neighborhood, Milan residents finally saw the levels of police presence they were looking for this past weekend, they gratefully told officers Tuesday night.

One weekend of suppression through heavy-saturation patrols and walking beats won’t stop the drug trade or end the gun battles, they acknowledged. But it did create a sense of safety and peace long missing from the neighborhood – and an impression that the police are listening to their concerns.

“It is a huge step on the road toward getting the criminal element out of our neighborhood,” said Milan resident Veronica Sharkey. Continue reading »