Dec 272019

(via NOPD)

The NOPD has arrested three juveniles accused of robbery in two incidents over the Christmas holiday, including snatching the purse of a woman who was helping her elderly mother out of a car on Christmas Eve.

In the second incident, an 81-year-old woman had her pursed grabbed from her on Christmas Day as she was entering her home. Both robberies occurred in the Fontainebleau neighborhood. Continue reading »

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Dec 252019

Three robberies were reported on Uptown streets in the days leading up to Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, a 61-year-old woman was robbed while helping her mother out a car in the Fontainbleau neighborhood. Earlier that day, a man’s cellphone was snatched on St. Charles Avenue in the Garden District. Another man was robbed at gunpoint in the Xavier University area on Dec. 23. Continue reading »

Nov 032019

A robbery, armed robbery, carjacking and purse snatching were reported in Uptown neighborhoods over the weekend.


Robbery at home on Broadway

On Friday afternoon, a man helping a stranger who professed to be a Vietnam veteran was robbed at his home near Audubon Park, the New Orleans Police Department reported. Continue reading »

Feb 282019

A 61-year-old woman was robbed of her purse Thursday morning as she was leaving a store on South Claiborne Avenue.

The victim was approached by a man asking for a dollar at about 6:40 on Feb. 28, the New Orleans Police Department reported. When she opened her purse to give him money, the man knocked it the ground.

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