Nov 182011

This chunk of raised concrete in the middle of Lowerline Street next to Lusher Charter School is high enough that it scrapes the bottoms of passing cars, earning the nickname of the "Lusher lump." (photo via

A raised chunk of concrete on Lowerline Street, scarred and streaked across the top where its scrapes the bottoms of passing cars every day, has earned the nickname the “Lusher hump” from the neighborhood leaders imploring the city to fix it. Continue reading »

Aug 302011

Two groups of young men were robbed at gunpoint within minutes of each other early Saturday morning on Lowerline Street, authorities said.

The first robbery took place about 1:49 a.m. at Maple and Lowerline, and the victims were a group of four men aged 18 to 20. About 10 minutes later, three men in their early 20s were robbed about four blocks away, in the 1200 block of Lowerline. In each case, the victims were approached by a pair of men, one with a gun, who took their belongings and left on foot, police said. Continue reading »

Dec 012010

An architect's rendering of the Pine Street view of the rear of the Audubon Charter School expansion. The yellow portions represent the size of the additions (without architectural features included yet); the gray portion is the existing building. The expansion will be completely contained behind the current building and not visible from Broadway.

Audubon Charter School parents, teachers and neighbors literally applauded a new design for the expansion of the school’s Broadway campus on Wednesday night, but as more details began to emerge, so did more vocal concerns about traffic flow around the school as children come and go.

Ultimately, the streets on either side of the school may need to be made one-way, said one neighborhood leader. Continue reading »