Feb 222011

After 18 years, the Baronne Street Neighborhood Association has a new leader for the first time, and the group may soon have a new name as well.

The association board is seeking ideas for a new name from its members, new president Lynn Alline said at a neighborhood meeting Tuesday night. The primary concern, she said, is that defining the neighborhood by Baronne Street “doesn’t really represent the territory.” To her point, a new resident in the area responded that he had seen a sign for Tuesday’s meeting but had not realized it referred to his neighborhood. Continue reading »

Dec 042010

Thousands of screaming children can’t be wrong.

And that the screams at the First Annual Children’s Book Festival — which took place Saturday afternoon at the Milton H. Latter Memorial Library on St. Charles Avenue — were screams of joy, shows that somebody got it right.

Marley Early, 4, Alana Dumas, 6, Jiyah Payton, 4, and Jaelyn Payton, 8, wait in line to get a book at the First Annual Children's Book Festival at the Milton H. Latter Memorial Library on St. Charles Avenue Saturday afternoon. The first 2,000 children at the festival received a free book donated from Scholastic. The books ranged from beginning level books to 8th grade level books. (Sabree Hill, UptownMessenger.com)

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