Sep 282011

Trebor Blanton (

The suspect in four recent robberies at knifepoint in the Carrollton area was arrested early Wednesday morning after a CrimeStoppers tip led police to his hideout in New Orleans East, authorities said. Continue reading »

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Dec 082010

An aspiring chef was stabbed just off Prytania and a bank manager was robbed in his car while driving through Fontainebleau in a wave of seemingly unconnected muggings around Uptown New Orleans over the last week, police said Wednesday.

Investigators have made arrests in several cases and have developed suspects in several others, but with no single underlying cause or pattern, the holdups are difficult to prevent, authorities said. Meanwhile, a rash of car break-ins have been reported all around Uptown, investigators said. Continue reading »

Oct 252010

Officers and investigators confer after a crash (at left) near the corner of Fig and Dublin streets in Carrollton. (Sabree Hill,

Three people crashed just off Carrollton Avenue in car that police were chasing shortly after a deadly shooting in Central City, police said Monday night. (Updated 9:14 a.m. Tuesday.) Continue reading »