Sep 172012

Maintenance of the park around the “Birth of a Muse” statue on Terpsichore Street will be among the discussion topics Monday night at the Coliseum Square Association.

The Coliseum Square Association will meet to discuss upcoming events such as the Night Out Against Crime and ongoing projects such as maintenance the neighborhood’s statues and fountain of at 6:30 p.m. tonight (Monday, Sept. 17) at the Bridge Lounge, 1201 Magazine Street. Continue reading »

Aug 202012

Over its 40-year history, the Coliseum Square Association has played a major role in the revitalization of the Lower Garden District, so its voice should be respected when it comes to development proposals that might affect it, City Council candidate Eric Strachan group told the group Monday night — in comments that drew a range of responses from other council hopefuls, from strong agreement to a dose of skepticism. Continue reading »

Aug 202012

In the first official week of the race for the District B seat on the City Council, Eric Strachan will be meeting tonight with a neighborhood association his parents helped found, LaToya Cantrell and Dana Kaplan are beginning to knock on doors in Uptown neighborhoods, and late entrants Buck Horton and Donald Vallee are both getting their campaigns organized. Continue reading »

Jul 252012

The International School of Lousiana’s Olivier Street campus in Algiers. (Robert Morris,

The International School of Louisiana is abandoning its plans to create the region’s first public-school program taught entirely in Mandarin Chinese next year for lack of enough students or a qualified instructor, officials said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the school’s governing board continues to discuss where to put solar panels on its Camp Street campus, and where to find additional space for the overflow of upper-grade students expected there in the 2013-14 school year. Continue reading »

May 212012

The Coliseum Square fountain flows in the background during a crawfish boil fundraiser for it this past Saturday. Coliseum Square is currently debating how to rein in the behavior of dogs at the park. (photo courtesy of Jim McAlister)

In hopes of reining in the worst-behaved dogs without making a prominent Uptown park hostile to responsible pet owners, the Coliseum Square Association plans to begin exploring new signs that will encourage better sharing of the space. Continue reading »

Apr 172012

The International School of Louisiana'a Camp Street campus.

The International School of Louisiana will begin looking for a satellite location in the Lower Garden District for its younger grades at the Camp Street campus next year and add modular buildings to its Westbank site as its prepares for more growth at each site, its governing board decided Monday. Continue reading »

Apr 162012

A proposal to place a swath of downtown New Orleans under a new appointed board with the power to levy taxes drew the attention of the Coliseum Square Association on Monday night, based on the possibility that the “hospitality zone” could easily be expanded into Uptown. Continue reading »

Apr 092012

John Casbon, a business executive who founded the New Orleans Police Foundation in the mid-1990s to promote reform, will discuss the current state and the future of the NOPD at a meeting with neighbors around the Garden District at 5 p.m. Wednesday at 1780 Prytania Street. Continue reading »

Mar 202012

Mayas Restaurant on Magazine Street in the Lower Garden District will have the support of its neighbors for a plan to add live music, dancing and to stay open later for “Salsa and Tapas” — if the changes can be accomplished without a zoning change, members of the Coliseum Square Association decided Monday evening. Continue reading »

Mar 192012

The Coliseum Square Association will resume discussion of live music at Mayas restaurant, as well as discuss the possibility of a dog park in Annunciation Square at a meeting at 6:30 p.m. tonight (Monday, March 19) at Bridge Lounge, 1201 Magazine Street. Continue reading »

Feb 272012

Though often cautious when it comes to approving new alcohol-selling businesses within its boundaries, the Coliseum Square Association voted overwhelmingly Monday night to oppose the idea of banning 18-to-20-year-olds from existing bars. Continue reading »

Feb 272012

The owners of Mayas restaurant plan to add tapas, live music and salsa dancing to the offerings at their Magazine Street restaurant, and will discuss the idea with the Coliseum Square Association at a meeting tonight. Continue reading »

Nov 212011

Finger Lick'n Wings owner Marlon Horton, also known in his rap career as 10th Ward Buck, invites customers to his restaurant on Jackson Avenue in this image from a commercial on his website,

Concerns about what neighbors described as repeated disruptive block parties at a Jackson Avenue chicken wings restaurant led the Coliseum Square Association to withhold its support for a liquor license at the establishment Monday night. Continue reading »

Nov 212011

The Coliseum Square Association will be discussing a proposed alcohol license for Finger Lick’n Wings at 739 Jackson Avenue, as well as hearing the zoning committee’s report on proposed land-use changes all around the neighborhood at tonight’s meeting, which will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Bridge Lounge, 1201 Magazine Street.

Oct 242011

Owen Courrèges

It’s downright un-American.  When it comes to being unpatriotic, it’s on par with burning the American flag, kicking the President’s dog and muttering disparaging remarks about Abraham Lincoln’s mother.

I’m speaking, of course, of eating chicken wings without a brewski.  Drinkin’ and eatin’ wings is a quintessential part of the American experience. Continue reading »

Oct 172011

Issues regarding Finger Lick’n Wings on Jackson Street, the Precinct bar on Annunciation and the Eiffel Society are all set for discussion by the Coliseum Square Association at tonight’s meeting (Monday, Oct. 17). Continue reading »