Nov 162011

The former Nine Inch Nails recording studio, seen from Magazine and Jena. (Sabree Hill,

The proposed expansion of Audubon Charter School’s Broadway campus that has split the neighborhood over parking issues won city approval Wednesday, as did a less controversial redevelopment of the old Nine Inch Nails recording studio on Magazine Street. Continue reading »

Nov 152011

KIPP Believe College Prep on South Carrollton is headed to a new school building in Gentilly, and Benjamin Banneker Elementary in the Riverbend is slated for a new campus in Hollygrove, according to school assignment plans being aired publicly by the Recovery School District this week. Continue reading »

Nov 142011

The planned redevelopment of the former Nine Inch Nails recording studio on Magazine Street and the proposed expansion of Audubon Charter School both return to a city board Wednesday morning seeking waivers required to start their projects. Continue reading »

Nov 012011

Audubon Charter School's Broadway campus.

Audubon Charter School supporters and the Broadway campus’s neighbors generally agree on two points: that a renovation of the building will benefit everyone, but that something has to be done about traffic in the mornings and afternoons.

Where they disagree is whether the traffic plan must be finalized before the renovations can proceed, as the school seeks neighborhood support for some setback changes before the city’s Board of Zoning Adjustments this month. Continue reading »

Oct 132011

With an apparent consensus in support of the latest plan to distribute what’s left of $2 billion in FEMA money to rebuild and repair New Orleans schools, attention is now quickly shifting to the programs will receive the school buildings once the money has been spent.

The new plan scales back the size of some schools to be built, finds new revenue sources and cuts cost elsewhere to spread the money to every school in the city, either through new construction; full renovation or exterior refurbishment to bring every campus to a standard of “warm, safe and dry.”

“Not every school is a new building, not every school is a gut-renovation, but every school is made whole for education,” said Recovery School District superintendent John White. Continue reading »

Oct 102011

Parents planning to send their children to the second incoming class of students at Lycée Français de la Nouvelle Orléans may have to wait until January to apply, after state officials insisted the school reject all applications for the next three months. Continue reading »

Oct 102011

The expansion of Audubon Charter's campus will be added near Pine Street, as shown in this architect's rendering from January. (courtesy Jacobs/CSRS)

Audubon Charter School will postpone the legislative process toward expanding its Broadway campus for 30 days while it meets with neighbors to iron out operational issues, an official said Monday. Continue reading »

Sep 232011

Applying to some of the highest-performing charter schools in New Orleans will be a little easier for parents this year, now that 10 schools will be using the same application forms and admission dates. Continue reading »

Sep 172011

The preliminary site plan for Audubon Charter School's temporary campus in Gentilly. (via - click to see full PDF)

Audubon Charter School received its first look this week at the layout of its new campus at the former Jean Gordon site in Gentilly, as school officials continue to look forward to a wintertime move. Continue reading »

Sep 092011

An architect's rendering of the Pine Street view of the rear of the Audubon Charter School expansion.

With plans finalized for a mid-winter move to a temporary location in Gentilly, Audubon Charter School is now moving forward with preparations for renovations to its Broadway campus. Continue reading »

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Aug 202011

Audubon Charter School's Carrollton campus. (Photo by Alysha Jordan,

After publicly pleading for emergency structural repairs last month following years, Audubon and Lusher charter schools now appear to be among a handful of schools slated for work to prevent further deterioration at their campuses.

The Orleans Parish School Board decided this week to fund “stabilization” at seven school sites, including Audubon’s Carrollton campus, Audubon assistant principal Dawn Collins told the charter school’s governing board at a Saturday morning meeting to applause and cheers from the board and the small audience. Continue reading »

Jul 212011

The St. James Major campus in Gentilly, currently occupied by Hynes Charter School. (Robert Morris,

Many Audubon Charter School parents and teachers see the St. James Major campus in Gentilly as an attractive option for a temporary campus after Hynes Charter School moves out of it during the winter break, they told school officials after hearing about four new options at a Thursday afternoon meeting.

Before the school can begin a two-year renovation of its Broadway campus, it must find an interim location for the students who are already there, and the urgency of the search has increased since a site in the Lower Garden District was deemed unacceptable earlier this summer. The Orleans Parish School Board has asked Audubon to have an answer by Aug. 1, little more than a week away. Continue reading »

Jul 202011

A panoramic shot of the Jean Gordon site near Lake Terrace, one of two options for Audubon Charter's temporary campus. (via the "Audubon Kids in Swing Space" blog)

After the Orleans Parish School Board offered Audubon Charter School two new options for a temporary campus, the school has scheduled a meeting with parents and teachers Thursday to discuss those plans. Continue reading »

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Jul 182011

Audubon Charter School's Carrollton campus needs substantial renovations but is not scheduled for any work, one of several points in the school-facilities master plan that drew criticism Monday night. (Photo by Alysha Jordan,

Which Uptown New Orleans school buildings need attention the most and how to divide the money for building and renovating them was debated by motivated and skeptical crowd of nearly 200 public-education supporters Monday night.

City and state school officials are seeking public comment on the latest master plan for spending a nearly $2 billion payment from FEMA to rebuild New Orleans schools, and Monday night’s meeting focused on buildings in the Orleans Parish School Board’s Uptown- and Carrolton-based District 6. Supporters of the various schools showed their allegience in T-shirts and signs, and during a somewhat free-form input session inundated officials with their opinions. Continue reading »

Jul 182011

Uptown-based Orleans Parish School Board districts 5 and 6

Supporters of moving Johnson Elementary to the old Priestley site will make their case to state and parish school officials Monday night at a public hearing on school plans in School Board District 6, which includes the Carrollton, Audubon and university neighborhoods in Uptown New Orleans.

School officials have said these meetings will be a crucial part of the process of dividing a $2 billion FEMA settlement to rebuild schools across the city. After public hearings have been held in each school board district, officials have said they will create a final draft of the plan based on the comments they receive. Continue reading »

Jul 152011

Audubon Charter School's Broadway campus.

Audubon Charter School has two new options for a temporary campus during a planned two-year renovation of its Broadway building — modular buildings in a parking lot behind the school board offices in Algiers or the site of the former Jean Gordon school near the University of New Orleans campus — but a deadline is looming in about two weeks for a decision, officials said. Continue reading »

Jun 182011

A rendering of the proposed expansion of Audubon Charter School's Broadway campus.

If Audubon Charter School cannot find an 11th-hour location for a temporary campus this summer, it may lose the opportunity to renovate its cramped building on Broadway altogether, officials said Saturday to a group of parents who say they still feel disenfranchised by the entire process.

“Do you have a location that could house the swing space?” Orleans Parish School Board president Lourdes Moran asked a group of about 20 parents at the monthly meeting of Audubon Charter School’s governing board. “Because if not, this project will be put on hold indefinitely until this space is found.” Continue reading »