Mar 092011

As Lent begins, the remainder of the week following Mardi Gras has seen a number of regularly-occurring community meetings canceled or postponed until later in the month.

Most notable among the meetings still confirmed for their regular times may be Thursday’s BlightStat meeting of city officials, which will provide an update on the myriad issues confronting the Landrieu administration’s efforts to reduce blight in the city. Among recent topics, the meetings have discussed the end of the long hiatus on clearing vacant Uptown lots.

For full details on Uptown-area civic meetings and cultural offerings over the next two days, see our calendar below. (Among the cancellations and postponements are the weekly meeting of the NOPD Second District, and the monthly meetings of the Irish Channel and Carrollton-Riverbend neighborhood associations.) Continue reading »

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Mar 092011

Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New Orleans announces two upcoming events featuring Reverend Giorgio Hiatt, Associate Pastor at Christ Central Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Rev. Hiatt will lead an upcoming workshop on justice and mercy, on Saturday, March 12, from 10.00-11.30am, at the Redeemer Presbyterian Church main office at 5937 Magazine Street. The following morning, Sunday, March 13, Rev. Hiatt will preach at the regular Sunday worship service at Redeemer, located at 6200 St Charles Avenue.

For more information about Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New Orleans, visit Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New Orleans: Celebrating Christ, Serving New Orleans.

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Mar 092011

Jean-Paul Villere

OK, New Orleanians, repeat after me: a paved patch does not proper parking make. Now, say that five times fast while holding your tongue. (pause) How’d you do? Feel stupid? You should. And so should all the drivers that park willy-nilly all over this town. What am I taking about? Illegal driveways. That’s right, I said it, er, wrote it. Illegal. Driveways. Continue reading »

Mar 072011

Crowd cheer for throws during the Krewe of Endymion parade Sunday night. (Sabree Hill,

The final two days of Carnival parading are upon us, with the krewes of Proteus and Orpheus rolling Monday evening, followed by Zulu, Rex and all of Mardi Gras day’s other parading groups.

For details, see our calendar below. Continue reading »

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Mar 072011

Owen Courrèges

Like many other people in the city, I was out watching the Carnival parades this week on St. Charles Avenue. At one point, I was standing next to a man with a medium-sized dog on a leash. I was impressed with how well-behaved the dog was. Despite the cacophony around him, he was downright sedate.

It was impressive. “What a nice dog,” I mused. Continue reading »

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Mar 052011

Members of Krewe D'Etat march down Magazine St. dressed like Day of the Dead skeletons in the parade Friday night. This year's theme entitled "D'Etat's Wild World of Sports" had 21 floats, with over 430 members. Krewe D'Etat is a pun on "coup d'etat", which means to take over a ruling party by an outside force.

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Mar 052011

Though Friday night’s parades were largely free of rain, the threat of severe thunderstorms Saturday evening has led officials to make substantial changes in the weekend parade schedule, starting Saturday morning’s parades earlier and moving the Krewe of Endymion to Uptown on Sunday. Continue reading »

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Mar 042011

The King of the Knights of Chaos parade waves as they roll through Uptown Thursday night. Knights of Chaos was founded in 2000 and uses the old Knights of Momus Floats. They keep their satirical parade themes secret until the night of the parade. (Sabree Hill,

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