Jun 092011

You’re looking to get in shape, and you’ve tried everything that’s out there: diets, fitness programs, gyms that promise you a revolutionary new you in just two weeks. You know it doesn’t work. Not every diet works for every body, not every program works for every lifestyle, not every gym is an ideal fit for every client. You know that. So does Gus Mendoza, personal trainer at Temple Gym. With over 25 years of experience in personal fitness, Gus knows that the number one factor in achieving fitness is tailoring the right program to your unique body and temperament.

See below to learn how Gus can do this for you.

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Jun 092011

Jason Miner holds his son, Jupiter, with a smile on his face at the "Community Without Violence" block party in Milan on Wednesday night. (Sabree Hill, UptownMessenger.com)

Two months ago, residents near the 2100 block of General Taylor in the Milan neighborhood likened it to a war zone, cowering in their homes while the latest gun battle raged in the street, then wearily emerging to pull the bullets out of their homes.

On Wednesday night, Milan residents celebrated the armistice since then with a party in that very block.

“It’s like a dream,” said nearby resident Helene Barnett. “To be perfectly honest, who would have thought that in New Orleans, the police would respond to our request? But they’re walking the beat. On a scale of one to 10, it’s gone from a one to an eight almost overnight.” Continue reading »

Jun 082011

Tuesday's robberies on Loyola and Seventh may be the work of the same group of gun-wielding teens, police said Wednesday. They also resumed investigation of a case at Perrier and Marengo, and described a gun arrest they made amid their robbery investigations on Annunciation. (Map via NOPD.com)

Two more armed robberies were reported in the Milan and Irish Channel neighborhoods Tuesday night, but investigators believe they are nearing arrests in several of the more than 30 muggings in Uptown New Orleans over the last month. Continue reading »

Jun 082011

The Villere clan on its preferred mode of transportation. (via the author's Facebook page)

As my thoughts are wont to do, the other day my mind started musing, this time on bikes, and I began to wonder “When was the bicycle invented?”  A Google search later, low and behold, turns out the pedals and cranks were first fabbed in 1861 by Ernest Michaux making this year, 2011, their sesquicentennial.  Soooo, happy birthday (modern) bicycle!  You’re 150 years young!  Somehow I thought you would be older than that, because really you are.  Dating back to Da Vinci, but then maybe not.  Who can say?  Nonetheless I hope Smucker’s and Willard Scott give you mad props on the Today Show real soon! Continue reading »

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Jun 082011

The anti-crime march held in Milan was the largest in the Second District over the last year. (Sabree Hill, UptownMessenger.com)

Months of organizing against the roots of violent crime in the Milan community will culminate tonight (Wednesday, June 8th) with a block party featuring food, kids’ activities and an assessment of the progress made so far. Continue reading »

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Jun 072011

Patois chef-owner Aaron Burgau walks out of his new hamburger joint, Tru Burger, on Oak St. Tuesday evening. Tru Burger is a partnership between Burgau, Leon Touzet, Pierre Touzet and Marcus Woodham, all from Patois. Burgau and his partners will grind their own meat and serve gluten-free buns at Tru Burger. Veggie burgers, hot dogs and milkshakes will also be served. "It's sort of high end fast food," said Via Fortier, manager of Tru Burger. Tru Burger should be open by Thursday, but could open as soon as Wednesday, according to Burgau. The restaurant is just waiting on the health department's approval to open. (Sabree Hill, UptownMessenger.com)

Jun 072011

A group of Uptown pastors and residents believe that the root of the rampant crime in New Orleans is social isolation — neighbors who don’t care for or even know their neighbors — and in search of a solution, they proposed Tuesday night a grand variation on a simple idea: the community picnic.

New Orleans’ murder rates are the highest in the nation, fueled by a kill-or-be-killed street culture in the city’s poorest neighborhoods, said attendees of the “Cops, Clergy and Community” crime-reduction meeting at St. George’s Episcopal Church on St. Charles Avenue. That same despair and disregard for life leads to crime all over the city, however, making crime anywhere in New Orleans every resident’s problem, said the Rev. James Quibley of St. George’s. Continue reading »

Jun 072011

Drew Brownlee (from left), Marilyn Feldmeier, outgoing president Ray Cannata and Tim Betbeze confer over the ballots during the Audubon-Riverside Neighborhood Association's annual elections on Wednesday, June 1. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

The Audubon-Riverside Neighborhood Association quietly chose a new president and several new board members last week in an election that showed little sign of the occasionally strong disagreements within the group over the last few months. Continue reading »

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Jun 072011

Six robberies have been reported between Louisiana Avenue and Highway 90 in the last two weeks (NOPD.com)

(Updated 8:44 a.m. Tuesday)

As the pattern of Uptown muggings slows and moves slightly downriver, another robbery at gunpoint was reported Sunday evening in the Irish Channel and a carjacking was reported Monday morning in Central City. Continue reading »