Aug 122011

Areas highlighted in red will experience low water pressure Saturday.

Repairs to a fire hydrant and valves on a water main will cause low water pressure from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday in the area along Camp and Magazine streets around Jefferson Avenue, according to the Sewerage and Water Board. Continue reading »

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Aug 122011

With state and local elections two months away, the Irish Channel got an early start on political season Thursday night with a well-attended social event for candidates at a popular neighborhood bar.

At least eight candidates made appearances at Tracey’s on Magazine Street, all of whom other than state Rep. Walt Leger were running for various judicial seats: Regina Bartholomew, Herbert Cade, Nakisha Ervin-Knott, Ellen Hazeur, Clare Jupiter, Kris Kiefer and Franz Zibilich. The social had a decidedly low-key atmosphere, without formal speeches or introductions. Instead, the candidates and their supporters casually passed from group to group of the 30 or so association members and dozens more patrons in the bar. Continue reading »

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Aug 122011

Admiral Security Services provides customized security services for a wide range of individuals and businesses across the Gulf South. Whether you’re a homeowner hosting an event, a business owner securing your property, or a convention organizer safeguarding your exhibitors and their displays, Admiral Security Services provides you more than just protection: it provides you total peace of mind.

Keep reading for further details.

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Aug 122011

Christy Lorio (photo by Leslie Almeida)

Oh, August, why do you have to be so damn hot? Even though I haven’t been a student in quite some time, August always feels like the unofficial summer wind-down as kids go back to school and thoughts shift to fall wardrobes.  However we all know that we’ve got at least two, possibly three more months of pool time. This is also the time of year that I get fed up with all of my warm weather clothes since I’ve been wearing the same things since April. It proves more and more difficult not to leave the house just wearing flip flops and cut off shorts but for vanity’s sake I resist. Continue reading »

Aug 112011

Hollygrove Market & Farm needs your help! The Fruit Tree Harvesting Project is a finalist for the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, a nationwide funding program that offers $25,000 grants to winning contestants. The New Orleans Fruit Tree Project, one of Hollygrove Market & Farm’s flagship programs, is in need of your support to make it over the top to win that $25,000 and receive brand new equipment, materials, and supplies to help make it better than ever. Click here to support them NOW.

Keep reading to learn how you can help Hollygrove Market & Farm win this Challenge!

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Aug 102011

The elevation of the NOPD Second District’s former commander to deputy chief was made a permanent promotion Wednesday, police officials said, but a new leader for the Uptown-based district has yet to be selected. Continue reading »

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Aug 102011

The Chestnut Street home of DEQ scientist Michael Drury, 55, was raided in November 2009, and federal agents seized computers with several dozen sexual images of children, according to reporter Dominic Massa and our partners at WWL-TV.

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Aug 102011

Sen. Karen Carter Peterson and state Rep. Walt Leger at a town hall meeting in the Irish Channel in March. (Sabree Hill,

With state and local elections a little over two months away, the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association is hosting a “Meet the Candidates” social on Thursday. Continue reading »

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Aug 102011

The old Priestley campus, photographed in January (Sabree Hill,

The board of the Carrollton-Riverbend Neighborhood Association will continue its discussion of major goals for the year at a meeting Thursday night. Continue reading »

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Aug 102011

Saxophone guru Steve Goodson in his Uptown showroom holding one of his handmade creations, the Voodoo Rex Tenor. (Sabree Hill,

New Orleanians possess a presence that in my experience remains unparalleled, and we know our neighbors no matter what.  By this I mean we all participate in the characterization of the city, and we do so seemingly effortlessly.  Whether you’re John Goodman, John Georges, or John Fitzgerald.  You live here.  We know who you are and to a degree we don’t care.  This remains one of the reasons the celebrity set can be drawn to the Crescent City.  Anonymity in the light of day.  We don’t care if you throw Super Bowl touchdown passes, win Grammys, or sautee garlic.  It’s all the same, and you put your pants on one leg at a time like everybody else.

For years in my early days of slinging coffee at PJs on Maple I used to wait on this super nice guy.  He came in generally in the late afternoon / early evenings and always ordered a cappucino.  He was tall and real lean, salt and pepper hair usually kept under a beret or similar chapeau, and always a smile and a greeting.  But I didn’t know his name or what he did.  And it went on like this literally for years.  One day, a co-worker said to me “You know who that is, right?”  I didn’t.  It didn’t matter really.  “Charles Neville,” he said.  “Oh. (pause) Oh! (pause) Oh, okay. Well,” I thought, “he’s a cool guy.”  And good for him.  He’s Charles Neville without being “Charles Neville.”

Years later after Katrina I moved to a new neighborhood, and I met another noteworthy saxophonist in my new neighbor, though like Charles, at the time I had no idea who he was or what he did.  Initially Steve and I met while my wife and I began renovating the house next door.  He and his wife Sharon were just as welcoming and warm as could be.  And the more we got to know them, their presence became so ordinary and familiar, you could almost take it for granted.  I knew Steve was a saxophonist, but I didn’t know much more than that.  At home sporting a Monster Magnet tee or overalls or both and usually in Crocs, Steve comes across fairly unassuming, despite any distinctive eyeware or his wildish white mane a la Doc Brown.

Jean-Paul Villere

So I began to wonder.  I know those in his industry know Steve, but do his neighbors, neighborhood, and city on the whole?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But here’s a little insight into “the man in the purple house” next to me, a man my girls know simply as “Mr. Steve.” Continue reading »

Aug 092011

The Lorraine Apartments on St. Charles Avenue. (Sabree Hill,

Despite an ardent appeal by neighbors Tuesday for the survival of a classic St. Charles Avenue apartment house, a city panel denied the vacant Lorraine building the rezoning it needs to reopen, leaving it in a bureaucratic purgatory with no realistic prospect for any use at all. Continue reading »