Dec 302011

Since OccupyNOLA’s eviction from Duncan Plaza earlier this month, a small group of protesters have been camping on a lot near the Guste housing development in Central City. Nadra Enzi, also known as Capt Black, who has served as a liaison of sorts between protesters and police, alerted media Friday morning that the group has been served an eviction notice, and Gambit’s Charles Maldonado has confirmed with the city and NOPD that the lot is private property and the group will be ordered to move.

Update: The lot has been evicted, Maldonado reports.

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Dec 302011

Here’s the health and fitness secret that no one in the fitness industry wants to admit – it all works, at least temporarily.  That is to say that any fitness program, which is adequately designed, will work initially.  However, the reason people continue to make the same resolutions about improving their health and fitness year after year is that adequately designed isn’t enough.  Initially is not enough.  Meaningful positive change requires focused and consistent effort.  This combination gets results.  EDGE is simply about getting results.  We don’t do adequate.  We don’t do initial.  We constantly strive to provide the best program possible.

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Dec 302011

(Images courtesy of LiaMolly)

If you’ve ever browsed the popular national women’s clothing store Anthropologie you may have stumbled upon LiaMolly, a knitwear company based in Uptown New Orleans. Having 20 years of experience working for large companies and start ups alike, Seema Sudan has been designing under the successful and profitable LiaMolly label for the past four years. Continue reading »

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Dec 292011

With ample space next year in the new St. Francis of Assisi campus on State Street, Lycee Francais may add higher grades more quickly than it had expected. (Sabree Hill,

Based on what may be a growing interest in language-immersion education among parents, Lycée Français de la Nouvelle Orléans is exploring the possibility of adding more upper-elementary grades sooner than the one-per-year model that officials had originally envisioned, school leaders said Thursday. Continue reading »

Dec 282011

A NOPD Special Operations truck rolls down Magazine Street past Henry Clay Avenue, where the SWAT team is staging during a crisis negotiation with a woman in the 600 block of Henry Clay Avenue. (Photo courtesy of DJ Photo)

After a 62-year-old woman was heard firing gunshots inside her Henry Clay Avenue home Wednesday night, police shut down several neighborhood streets for four hours as they tried to coax her out of the house, but found when they entered that she had killed herself. Continue reading »

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Dec 282011

Jean-Paul Villere

As the 2011 calendar year winds down, New Orleans property owners’ thoughts turn toward their 2012 property taxes due by the end of January, because the city has mailed out its annual notice and reminder – just in time for the holidays!  However, this is not a new phenomenon.  It is effectively an annual ritual, like Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest, though clearly with less pageantry.  And it applies to property owners only.  Not renters.  And not non-profits, which are another article for another time.    Continue reading »

Dec 262011

Owen Courreges

On Dec. 15, the City Council adopted a “Complete Streets” ordinance.  At first blush, this ordinance appears entirely innocuous. It merely requires city agencies, most notably City Planning and the Department of Public Works, to create and adopt internal policies mandating that engineers consider curb ramps, bus stops, bike lanes and a variety of other traffic elements when resurfacing or rebuilding roads.

The overall goal is to create streets that are designed not just around private automobiles, but also pedestrian traffic, bicycles and wheelchairs — hence the notion of a “complete street.” Continue reading »