Mar 082012

In January, three armed robberies were committed on South Carrollton and on Panola (shown by the two red triangles). Over the weekend, a car was stolen on Joliet (marked by the blue car icon), and on Tuesday, the same car was spotted with property being dumped on the ground on Birch (where the yellow police icon is). Later Tuesday, suspects in all those cases were spotted on Jena, one was captured on Napoleon, and the other was captured on Louisiana (the three red dots, left to right). (map via

Kevin Washington (via

The investigation into a Carrollton-area car theft earlier this week led police to three teen suspects believed to have been responsible for a series of armed robberies in January that involved the use of pepper spray against the victims, authorities said.

With a number of recent arrests, police are hoping the rash of burglaries and thefts around the Carrollton area over the last month will finally begin to slow. Continue reading »

Mar 082012

Councilmember Stacy Head, a candidate for the New Orleans City Council at Large seat in the March 24 election, today announced a five-point action plan that will make New Orleans families safer.

“It is abundantly clear that the voters of New Orleans consider crime the number one issue facing them,” said Councilmember Head. “I want to help solve that problem. If we can make families safer, we will build stronger neighborhoods, attract new businesses and create jobs,” she continued. Continue reading »

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Mar 082012

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

As the torturous Republican Presidential Primary trail winds its way toward a still-uncertain finish, the Louisiana GOP preferential primary on March 24 is assuming increasing interest and it may have the nation’s full attention if front-runner Mitt Romney continues to struggle. Continue reading »

Mar 072012

Bobby Sanabria, a renowned percussionist who has played with numerous jazz legends, will present a free lecture and performance at Loyola University tonight tracing the evolution of an Afro-Cuban rhythm pattern into the modern day. Continue reading »

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Mar 072012

Robberies have increased citywide, but the Carrollton and university area has seen a particular surge in robberies during the last few months, prompting a town hall meeting Tuesday from Loyola, Tulane and NOPD Second District police officials explaining new security measures being taken.

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Mar 072012

The Dat Dog color scheme is starting to appear inside its new location across the street. (Jean-Paul Villere for

Freret’s little hot-dog-stand-that-could will soon be graduating to bigger and better, just a stone’s throw across the street. Relative newcomer and sausage sensation Dat Dog opens its doors at 5030 Freret in maybe two weeks. And while this is not news to many who traverse this commercial stretch of road, the fact that this business that has attained so much notoriety in such little time that its expansion takes place a mere 13 months since first opening demonstrates a vibrance and draw that no one – possibly not even its owners – could have foreseen. I mean, hot dogs!? Continue reading »

Mar 062012

Students from KIPP Central City Academy march in the Krewe of Pontchartrain parade in February. ( file photo by Sabree Hill)

“I dropped the babies off this morning with their innocence still intact,” reflects Clifton Harris, a blogger and a KIPP Central City Primary parent, discussing Friday’s shooting death of a KIPP Central City Academy student. “I was hoping that when I picked them up today I wouldn’t be put in a position to have a conversation that may take that away.”

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Mar 062012

Ones that creep, crawl and cry,
Ones that howl, hurt and terrify,
Ones that live in the deep dark hole
That feed on your flesh, as well as your soul.
People tell me they aren’t real,
But I greatly disagree,
For monsters who hurt and cause so much pain
Aren’t always ones with horns and fangs.
Yet they are the ones that creep and lie,
That destroys, hurt and terrify
They live in the holes of our depression
And they consume our souls; a monsters impression.
— Tiane Marie Oliver

Cecile Tebo

This poem was written by a 13-year-old girl who has suffered greatly with depression since Hurricane Katrina and read aloud by her mother at the conclusion of the most recent City Council mental health committee meeting. On the panel that day were those who govern our mental health care discussing the impending closure of emergency and acute mental health services at the LSU Interim Hospital as a means of balancing their recent budget. However, as the poem was read, most who are responsible for making these cuts had already left the room to return to their enclosed offices in the bowels of City Hall — shut away from the reality of this nightmare soon to wreak havoc on our city streets. Continue reading »