Apr 012012

Benjamin Morris

“I forgot my glasses.” When’s the last time you heard a friend or family member say this? When they were asked to fill out a form, or look at a bus timetable, or find a number in the phone book? Next time you hear these four magic words, listen closely: nine times out of ten, they mean far more than meets the eye.

Here’s the thing: you’re reading this column right now, but in all likelihood, you know someone who can’t. You just may not realize it. Illiteracy among adults is rampant in our society, and particularly so in New Orleans, but thankfully, we can do something about it. Each of us.

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Mar 312012

Tulane anthropologist Dr. John Verano and Egyptologist Dr. Melinda Nelson-Hurst of the University of Pennsylvania will discuss “The Tulane Mummies” at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday (April 4) at 103 Dinwiddie Hall at Tulane University. Continue reading »

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Mar 312012

Keeping robberies down in the neighborhoods around the university will continue to be a priority for Tulane University Police Chief Richard Potts, according to a report by Alexandra Saizan in The Hullabaloo student newspaper.

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Mar 312012

Craig Giesecke

The other day, I inadvertently got into a conversation with a guy I’ll call The Haughty Culinary School Graduate. I say “inadvertently” because I was prattling on about what I’ve been doing lately and suddenly I’m hit with all kinds of questions about where I studied and where I’ve worked. I’m answering and could feel the guy stifling a sniff at my lack of real “training.” Continue reading »

Mar 302012

Walt Leger

The negotiations with the U.S. Department of Justice that will result in a long-awaited order governing the operations of the New Orleans Police Department are now at a standstill, after the resignation of a federal prosecutor involved in the process over his copious online commenting about his work, a state lawmaker told a group of Uptown constituents Thursday night. Continue reading »

Mar 302012

(Photo by Meghan Wright)

There’s been a lot of buzz about the small yet growing fashion industry in New Orleans. From local designers, manufacturing facilities, and two fashion weeks, the future is bright for fashion in the Crescent City. What’s that? Two fashion weeks? Yup, you heard that right. The names are similar, if not near identical — New Orleans Fashion Week and Fashion Week New Orleans — but each group aims to distinctly define itself. Continue reading »

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Mar 302012

The proposed Upper Marleyville Security District would run along both sides of the street along Vendome Place, State Street Drive, Walmsley and Fontainbleau. (map via google.com)

A second meeting to discuss creating a new tax on homes along several Fontainebleau-area streets to hire additional security patrols did little Thursday night to bridge the divide between the idea’s strongly committed supporters and opponents.

Most of the 30 or so residents who attended seemed to leave the meeting with the same opinions they brought. Some see a security district as an obvious safety measure for crime-weary residents, while others view it as an expensive burden with no measurable results. Continue reading »

Mar 292012

With guns drawn, the NOPD SWAT team preparees to enter a house where a mentally ill man had locked himself inside Thursday afternoon. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

A young man suffering from mental problems and initially believed to be waving a sword kept police at bay for nearly six hours outside his Upperline Street home on Thursday afternoon before surrendering.

The man’s weapon turned out not to be a sword, but a long wooden object, said Officer Frank Robertson. No other weapons were found on the man or in his home, and no one was harmed in the confrontation, Robertson said, though police did deploy tear gas into the home in an attempt to force the man out. Continue reading »