Apr 172012

Cecile Tebo

I have only known how to write for a little more than five years.

Before then, writing was one the task that caused me the greatest anguish. My writing skills were so deplorable that most Christmas vacations I would have to write and rewrite each thank-you note several times before it could be sealed, stamped and sent. As the years progressed, I became quite the little speaker and could give hours and hours of verbiage to hundreds without even a quiver, but writing would still leave me writhing in fear and panic. As my schooling finally came to an end with a Master’s degree in Social Work, I don’t think I ever wrote one paper or thought — until the great storm. Continue reading »

Apr 172012

The International School of Louisiana'a Camp Street campus.

The International School of Louisiana will begin looking for a satellite location in the Lower Garden District for its younger grades at the Camp Street campus next year and add modular buildings to its Westbank site as its prepares for more growth at each site, its governing board decided Monday. Continue reading »

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Apr 162012

A proposal to place a swath of downtown New Orleans under a new appointed board with the power to levy taxes drew the attention of the Coliseum Square Association on Monday night, based on the possibility that the “hospitality zone” could easily be expanded into Uptown. Continue reading »

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Apr 162012

A safety committee at Tulane University is considering adding surveillance cameras and motion-activated safety lights to streets near the university such as Maple, Calhoun and Lowerline, according to an article by Carolyn Kaufman of The Tulane Hullabaloo student newspaper.

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Apr 162012

After police were called to near LaSalle and St. Andrew Streets about a suspicious person with a gun, a man began firing at them from a second floor balcony, according to our reporting partners at WWL-TV. When police returned fire, the man jumped down and broke his ankle, and police found an assault rifle nearby, WWL reported.

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Apr 162012

Owen Courreges

One ticket.  As of this year, that’s all it takes to have your car immobilized (or “booted”) in the City of New Orleans.

Department of Public Works parking administrator Zepporiah Edmonds outlined the change in late March at a City Council committee meeting: “We used to boot vehicles if they had more than three violations.” Now, he explained, the threshold has been reduced to one if the vehicle owner “fails to timely respond to a second notice” or “hasn’t paid a ticket after 120days.” Continue reading »

Apr 162012

The Kupcake Factory is geared up and ready for spring time. They have already gotten started on their spring cleaning by freshening up their website and adding a new menu which features the 12 different daily cupcake flavors. New spring time inspired cupcakes flavors have been released including Strawberries-n-Cream, Cinnamon Pecan, Cherry Chocolate, Turtle Soup, Lemon Blueberry and this month’s Easter themed cupcake, Jellybean Fluff. If you are ever inspired to come up with a new cupcake flavor, suggest your flavor idea to The Kupcake Factory’s “12 New Flavors for 2012” contest and you could win a half-dozen cupcakes if your creation is chosen as the next flavor of the month!

Keep reading for more details.

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Apr 152012

Benjamin Morris

Can you believe it’s been two months? The other day, we sat around trading Mardi Gras stories, and it wasn’t long before the bulk of the haul came out. You wouldn’t believe what we found — well, actually, you would. Beads, pounds of them. Stuffed animals, a whole menagerie. Doubloons, beads, pens, koozies, emblems, beads, plastic cups, and dreidels, twice as many again as all of the above, and oh, did I mention the beads? Somewhere in your house, in bags in the utility room or in backpacks in your study, you’ve got them too. So: it’s time for spring cleaning. What are you going to do with all those extra beads?

Here’s an idea: drop them off for recycling.

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Apr 142012

Craig Giesecke

For a (very) brief time in college one summer, I was a bull rider. I figured since I’d been taking care of cattle most of my life and already had most of the equipment (my family had a farm) and I had friends who were doing it, I might as well try it myself. And hell — it offered a way to hit the rodeo dances with pretty girls and earn a little beer money.

I wound up with a lesson on the wide gulf between something that’s simple and something that’s easy. Continue reading »

Apr 142012

The free “Evening of Difficult Music” experimental music series returns tonight at 8 p.m. with “MRI Suite,” an original composition by George Alvey with Foster Smedley and a solo by James Singleton, at McKeown’s Books and Difficult Music, 4737 Tchoupitoulas.

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Apr 142012

Artists Caroline Hill, Jonathan Meyers and Sam Provenza will all be featured in the new “epigrammatic” exhibition opening tonight at Du Mois gallery (4921 Freret) with a reception from 5 to 8 p.m. The show runs through May 6.

More details, via emailed invitation from Du Mois:

JOIN US Saturday eve when we open “epigrammatic,” a group of distinctive, pointed works employing direction, angle, color, and form in three mediums.

Caroline Hill returns with a collection of mixed media born from colored scraps and fleshed out in colored pen and ink. Her subjects ebb between celebrity and the mundane but with a vibrating energy that grab and delight.

Jonathan Meyers also returns with a bold, new series of silverpoints on a grand scale accented in broken arcs and turns bordering on glacial or tectonic referencing.

And introducing Sam Provenza and his point studies, 3D metal compositions that dip, swoop, bend, and converge (and sometimes not). The dynamic in energy varies from piece to piece, making the series an engaging premier.

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