May 212012

The Coliseum Square fountain flows in the background during a crawfish boil fundraiser for it this past Saturday. Coliseum Square is currently debating how to rein in the behavior of dogs at the park. (photo courtesy of Jim McAlister)

In hopes of reining in the worst-behaved dogs without making a prominent Uptown park hostile to responsible pet owners, the Coliseum Square Association plans to begin exploring new signs that will encourage better sharing of the space. Continue reading »

May 212012

The Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association will discuss ongoing community issues with representatives from the City Councilwoman Susan Guidry’s office and the NOPD Second District, as well as hear updates on the work of the neighborhood association during an annual membership meeting Tuesday evening. Continue reading »

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May 212012

We keep on hearing it again and again, like a bad refrain: “If you don’t want a traffic camera ticket, don’t break the law.”

I’ve written so many columns criticizing the traffic camera program in New Orleans that I’ve frankly lost count. Every time I write one, somebody implies that the only people with anything to fear are those who speed or run red lights. Only scofflaws oppose the cameras, we’re told. Continue reading »

May 202012

At their monthly meeting Monday evening, the Coliseum Square Association will revisit the perennial topic of whether leash laws should be enforced more aggressively in Coliseum Square. Continue reading »

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May 202012

Touting dramatic gains in two years at two of the lowest-performing elementary campuses in Uptown New Orleans, officials with ReNEW Schools hope to pull the programs at the former Laurel and Live Oak sites in the Irish Channel out of “failing” status next year.

ReNEW will also begin operating its third Uptown campus, creating an accelerated high school for older students at the former Bauduit site in the 3600 block of Laurel, complete with a preschool for children they may have. Continue reading »

May 202012

Errol George

In a radio interview Sunday, City Council members Cynthia Hedge-Morrell and Jon Johnson said their repeated absences from recent meetings naturally evolved from their frustration at the failure of a change the proposed to the city’s election practices, according to a report by Dominic Massa and our reporting partners at WWL-TV. The effect of that walkout — blocking Stacy Head’s nomination of Errol George to fill her previous District B seat on a temporary basis — seemed acceptable to Hedge-Morrell and Johnson, however, as they complained about the possibility of George serving as a second vote for Head on the council.

May 192012

Craig Giesecke

One of the several usual questions I get from tourists at our shop (aside from, “did it flood here?”) is about the quality of Gulf seafood these days. It should be an assumption that I would not bring out anything I’m not comfortable serving. But maybe they just like to hear it from the guy who actually prepares it, I dunno. Here’s how I feel about it. Continue reading »

May 182012

Back row (left to right): Teacher Frédérique Jouret, Jessica Joseph, Marvin Sabillon, Siobhan Kelly. Front row: Rhiannon Rainey, Maddie Vinet, Yaritza Amaya (submitted photo)

Six eighth-grade students at the International School of Louisiana were awarded high-school level diplomas from the French government that certifies their readiness to study at a Francophone university. Continue reading »

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May 182012

Jane Wolfe (photo by Paula Burch-Celentano of Tulane University,

Graduating from Tulane this weekend with a double major in religious studies and history, 47-year-old Jane Wolfe will begin studies this fall at Harvard Divinity School on a master’s degree in theological studies, according to the Tulane New Wave university news service. Wolfe and her husband, Uptown-based businessman and Audubon-Riverside Neighborhood Association member Scott Wolfe, will both move to Cambridge, Mass., but plan to return afterward, the article states.

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May 182012

State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson

State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, who represents Uptown-based District 5 in the Louisiana Senate, rewrote a controversial proposal for a new “hospitality zone,” shifting more of the tax money it would generate to infrastructure improvements placing control of it with the City Council instead of a new unelected “advisory board” stocked with tourism leaders, according to reporting by Bill Barrow of The Times Picayune. The changes took city officials promoting the original bill “by surprise” and did not receive a warm reception from them, Barrow writes.

May 182012

Christy Lorio (photo by Leslie Almeida)

When the air is laden with enough moisture to wring it like a towel, I go into hibernation. That’s not to say I don’t get excited about summer. I suspect our brains are wired to look forward to the hot, sticky months, even though there’s no break in classes for those of us out of school, just a break in tolerable temperature. And no matter what vacation plans I scheme up, I inevitably take trips during milder months versus escaping the heat. Go figure. Continue reading »

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May 182012

It’s time for linens, now that summer is in full bloom. Stay light and comfortable with tops and skirts, in both classic whites and fun colors. Enjoy being outside while remaining relaxed and natural, especially at affordable prices.

Keep reading to get your own ideas for the season.

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