May 252012

Audubon Charter School will discuss its plans for the Carrollton campus renovations at a meeting of the school’s governing board on Saturday, and its plans for the renovation and expansion of the Broadway campus at a neighborhood meeting Thursday, officials said. Continue reading »

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May 252012

An architect's rendering of the new civil rights memorial on South Claiborne.

A new memorial honoring nine slain civil rights activists, palm-lined walkways and better lighting are all among improvements to a mile-long stretch of South Claiborne Avenue included in a $2 million upgrade slated to start in June, officials announced. Continue reading »

May 252012

A rendering of the proposed football stadium on Tulane's Uptown campus. (via

By Nick Kindel

Perhaps it is inevitable that there will be tensions – and even friction – when a major institution is located in a residential area.  But is it really necessary for this to rise to the level of acrimony and divisiveness that currently characterizes the Tulane University stadium proposal? Continue reading »

May 252012

NOLA Til Ya Die announces a hot new line of merchandise! This line includes new designs and styles on tees, vees and a whole slew of gear, such as tote bags, cinch packs, tumblers, hydro pouches, bandanas, six-pack coolers, flasks, flags, koozies, tattoos, stickers and rain ponchos. If you spend $20 or more, receive a free rain poncho with your order! And, don’t forget our Survival Packs.

Click here for more details and to place your order today!

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May 242012

An image of Mariah Woods from a vigil held in January in her memory. ( file photo by Sabree Hill)

Edward Augustine (via NOPD)

A man whose attempt to flee police in a car full of heroin led to a crash in the Milan neighborhood that killed a Xavier Prep graduate last year now faces decades in prison following his conviction Wednesday on a manslaughter charge, officials said. Continue reading »

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May 242012

The increase in foot traffic along Freret has dramatically reduced crime, neighbors said during the Second District’s monthly anti-crime walk Wednesday evening, but they worry that blighted buildings such as the Barreca family’s former steak house continue to attract criminals, according to a report by Monica Hernandez and our partners at WWL-TV.

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May 242012

“Everybody on this street knows everybody,” High Hat owner Chip Apperson tells in an interview with his partners about the Freret restaurant’s first year. The varied offerings on Freret let everyone benefit from the exposure other establishments bring, he says, and the owners and staff all eat at each other’s restaurants.

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May 242012

Two guns were stolen from the 1000 block of State, and one was stolen from the 1100 block of Jena in recent weeks -- all from unlocked cars, police say. (map via

Three guns were reported stolen from unlocked vehicles around Uptown New Orleans in recent weeks — the same number that police were able to confiscate in criminal cases — and two of the gun thefts were from the same block of State Street. Continue reading »

May 242012

A map of locations of taxi-cab robberies around the Irish Channel. The numbered icons represent the three reported early Thursday morning, and the two blue icons represent two reported earlier in the month. (Robert Morris,

A woman ambushed and robbed three cab drivers in different locations around the Irish Channel early Thursday morning, police said, in a series of attacks that in some ways repeats a pattern shown in two other cases earlier this month. Continue reading »

May 242012

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

BREAKING NEWS: Allan and Danae wrote this great column (below) about Bobby Jindal today but have to say something about the Times Picayune’s decision to lay off much of their staff and reduce print publication to only several times a week. Did we move to the country and not know it?

This decision is the Newhouse family’s way of continuing the profitability of the paper that has been around since 1837. Allan was a reporter and columnist for the TP during its golden years. His heart goes out to all the staff, especially those who will be layed off, and to the readers who don’t have access to computers and will have to rely primarily on television to get their news. We have always been readers and will miss holding that paper in our hands. Thank goodness we subscribe to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal so we can still get the real news every day.

* * *

When Louisiana’s voters were believing Gov. Bobby Jindal’s spin during the last election that he loved his job and pledged to stay four more years, who would have thought that Bobby would emerge at the very top of Mitt Romney’s list for vice president? Many national columnists have opined for Jindal and are urging him on; others have placed him in the middle of the pack. Continue reading »