Jun 242012

Officers and investigators confer after a crash near the corner of Fig and Dublin streets on Oct. 25, 2010. (UptownMessenger.com file photo by Sabree Hill)

Joseph Peters (opcso.org)

One accused gunman was convicted of manslaughter last week in a 2010 shooting death in Central City who drove a getaway car that led police on a chase that ended with a crash and a manhunt in the Northwest Carrollton neighborhood, according to reporting by John Simerman of the Times-Picayune. DNA from one of three guns in the slaying of wheelchair-bound 26-year-old Sedale Dorsey matched Joseph Peters, 23, whom witnesses also said drove a gray Chrysler Sebring that crashed at Fig and Dublin streets Oct. 25, 2010. Continue reading »

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Jun 242012

A Broadmoor resident’s video of a trash crew running through yards, throwing water and placing an entire garbage can into the back of their truck has some neighbors asking for a city examination of what the contractor admits is “unacceptable behavior,” according to reporting developed in partnership with WWL-TV. Officials with Richard’s Disposal wold WWL that the workers were independent laborers, not company employees, that they were disciplined and that the matter was resolved to the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Jun 232012

Craig Giesecke

Over the past week or so, for some reason, I’ve been involved in several conversations about how a restaurant or bar markets itself and how it adjusts and tweaks itself to appeal to customers while also seeking customers who are appealing to the restaurant or bar.

I’m not talking about advertising. Any half-baked advertising brings customers in the door. You’d think anyone who walks into a business ready to spend money would be appealing, but not so. While you’re deciding if the place is right for you, the place is also deciding if you’re right for it. Continue reading »

Jun 222012

Audubon Charter School’s Broadway campus.

The sidewalks and crosswalks around Audubon Charter School will be made safer and more walkable with $250,000 worth of upgrades, based on a federal grant secured by a Tulane public health program, officials said. Continue reading »

Jun 222012

The Bridage truck in the parking lot of Company Burger. (photo by Christy Lorio for UptownMessenger.com)

Christy Lorio (photo by Leslie Almeida)

Some mornings, making a cup of joe is an inexorable ritual. Stumbling bleary-eyed down the stairs, the only thing that ensures I’m not sleepwalking is the sound of beans being beaten into submission by my coffee grinder. Other times, it’s a luxury, an indulgent treat served over ice, accompanied by a dog eared book in a favorite cafe. No matter what your relationship with caffeine is, venturing to new coffee shops is always a treat, at least for me. Continue reading »

Jun 212012

The NOPD Second District will be joined next week by the 610 Stompers for an anti-crime march in Broadmoor, while the NOPD Sixth District will route its march down a troubled stretch of Annunciation Street. Continue reading »

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Jun 212012

Jack Davis — a former newspaper journalist at the Times-Picayune Publishing Co., the Chicago Tribune and elsewhere — writes in Gambit that as the daily newspaper makes an unpopular decision to reduce print publication to three times a week, New Orleans will become a hotbed for new forms of journalism, and cites UptownMessenger.com among the “rapidly maturing experimenters in the market,” “attracting an audience with good reporting on urban design, education, culture and crime Uptown.”

Jun 212012

Four armed robberies reported in the last two days in Central City and the Lower Garden District. (map via NOPD.com)

Officials with the NOPD Sixth District have released a number of new details — and descriptions of each suspect — in each of a series of four armed robberies reported Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the Lower Garden District and Central City. Continue reading »

Jun 212012

Allan Katz and Leonard Pitts in the studio of “Louisiana Newsmaker.” (photo by Bert Steele for UptownMessenger.com)

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. was in New Orleans today touting his new book, “Freeman.” But the questions everyone was asking him centered on plans of the Newhouse family to turn the Times-Picayune into a three-day-a-week newspaper. Not surprisingly, it’s a subject the nationally syndicated columnist whose work appears twice weekly in the T-P has given lots of thought. On another subject, Pitts also is optimistic about President Barack Obama’s chances of beating challenger Mitt Romney on November 6. Continue reading »

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