Jul 302012

The board of Lusher charter school approved a one-time $600 salary increase for teachers and administrators, including CEO Kathy Riedlinger, for a total cost of $72,000 next year, according to a report on Saturday’s board meeting by Yomi Akinyemi of The Lens. The school is also discussing the OneApp common enrollment process with the Recovery School District, Akinyemi reports.

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Jul 302012

The Original Pigeon Town Steppers dance down the streets to the music of the Stooges Brass Band during the 17th annual Easter Sunday second line. (Sabree Hill, UptownMessenger.com)

After Broadmoor decided to “stomp” against crime in June, west Carrollton will show off its own fancy anti-crime footwork Wednesday with the help of the Pigeontown Steppers. Continue reading »

Jul 302012

Owen Courreges

Frank Lloyd Wright, the legendary architect, was blunt in his hatred of cities. Wright described city-dwellers as “human beings, all crawling on hard pavements like ants to hole somewhere or find their way to this or that cubicle.” They were, he believed, “herd-struck morons our present sky-scraperism has cultivated.” Continue reading »

Jul 292012

A new Korean restaurant has opened on South Claiborne Avenue; it appears that the Rocky’s Pizzeria on Magazine may be replaced with another pizza place; and serious questions are being raised about the serious neon signage at a new Oak Street burger joint. Continue reading »

Jul 282012

Audubon Charter School plans to begin taking concrete steps this fall toward the possibility of creating a new high school, officials said Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, Orleans Parish school officials are hoping to find a way to start renovations on the school’s Broadway campus even as negotiations continue with neighbors over a pending lawsuit. Continue reading »

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Jul 282012

Craig Giesecke

I went over to the grand opening of the new Fresh Market on St. Charles this week and the first thing that hit me about this very nice and very, well, fresh place is that everyone in there was seeing it differently.

Few things are more personal than makin’ groceries, particularly in a city as food-centric as New Orleans in a region as food-centric as South Louisiana. But the avid home cook sees things differently from the professional chef, who doesn’t look for the same things as the young, married-no-kids couple or the veteran parents or the retired, low-salt folks. Add to this our own experiences of going with mom when we were kids to, say, adult experiences of making $15 buy food for a week and each of us is going to have a different take on where and who does what better. Continue reading »

Jul 272012

Greg Osborne of the Louisiana Division of the New Orleans Public Library will give a lecture on “The Free People of Color” at 6 p.m. tonight (Friday, July 27) as part of the ongoing Louisiana Bicentennial series at Nix Library, 1401 S. Carrollton Ave. The program is free and open to the public.

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Jul 272012

(all images courtesy of Rebecca Rebouche)

Christy Lorio (photo by Leslie Almeida)

At first glance, New Orleans resident and artist Rebecca Rebouche is sweet, slightly shy, and unassumingly pretty. She’s also down to Earth, a noble trait considering she graces this month’s issue of Garden and Gun Magazine as one of 15 featured artisans “shaping the look of the South.”  

Inspired by nature, Rebouche utilizes elements from the natural world to form the basis of her whimsical paintings, but she always draws from human nature to tell her stories. Her paintings are sweet, but not saccharine; they’re whimsical, dreamy and often surprisingly dark but never in a macabre way, more like a soul drenching thunderstorm. Trees are a common theme, as well as textiles, bunnies (she has a pet rabbit), birds, umbrellas, and sail boats. Continue reading »