Aug 022012

John “Moosie” Glenn of the Pigeontown Steppers dances as he carries a banner leading the NOPD Second-District anti-crime march through the streets around Palmer Park in west Carrollton. No band was playing, so the Pigeontown Steppers developed their own chant for the march: “Walking for peace! (Stop the violence!) Marching these streets! (Stop the violence!) In the 17th! (Stop the violence!) Saying our piece! (Stop the violence!)” (Robert Morris,

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Aug 012012

The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will discuss the process for transferring RSD schools back to the control of the Orleans Parish School Board in a meeting at Walter L. Cohen High School, 3520 Dryades Street, at 6 p.m. tonight (Wednesday, Aug. 1). Continue reading »

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Aug 012012

Jean-Paul Villere

The other evening, without thinking and in passing, I addressed a colleague who I’m guessing is a few years my senior with a “Miss” and her last name — let’s call her Jane Doe.  We ran into each other on Magazine Street, and I was trying to keep track of my 4 girls when she walked by.  Frankly I didn’t think she had recognized me as, much to my wife’s dislike, I’d recently trimmed my beard down to a fu manchu, and let’s be honest, a fu manchu makes a face present differently (and debatably embraced).  So here I was keeping count of my brood when after she passed she turns and says with a smile “Oh, hello!”  To which I, admittedly somewhat distracted while actively parenting, utter an “Oh, hello Miss Doe – – -“

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Jul 312012

The New Orleans College Prep governing board — which operates Sylvanie Williams elementary in Central City and Walter L. Cohen High School — has decided to apply to run a third school, and took action on the application after a three-hour closed-door meeting that appears to have run afoul of the state’s open-meetings laws, reports Joshua Johnston of The Lens.

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Jul 312012

Laurel Street homeowner Alex Brown literally ran to the NOPD Second District station on Magazine Street to get help when he couldn’t reach a 911 operator as a shed behind his house caught fire last week. New Orleans Fire Department District Chief Terry Hardy says Brown and another neighbor hung up after waiting on hold for about 34 seconds, according to a follow-up report by Tania Dall of our partners at WWL-TV, and that 911 operators were taking numerous other calls about the incident.

Jul 312012

Anthony Bourdain talks to Jessie Wightkin through the window of the Taceaux Loceaux truck, parked in front of the Kingpin bar. (photo by Joe Gelini via Jessie Wightkin’s Facebook page)

Punk music enthusiast and TV food personality Anthony Bourdain swept through Uptown New Orleans for an episode of his Travel Channel show “The Layover,” tweeting praise and random thoughts (between discussions of mob trivia) about institutions such as the Kingpin bar, Taceaux Loceaux, Company Burger and, somehow fittingly, Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge. Bourdain also stopped in at the R Bar in the Marigny, where NOLA Defender ran into him.

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Jul 312012

Ryan Holiday, the perpetrator of recent journalism hoaxes that led to his being quoted as an expert on numerous topics he knew nothing about (but who insists he was telling the truth to Times Picayune about his alleged $1,000 in speeding tickets from the Jackson Avenue traffic camera), will sign his new book “Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator” at 6 p.m. tonight at Octavia Books. Holiday also discussed his dark view of a click-driven journalism culture with Alex Rawls of in an article published Monday.

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Jul 312012

LaToya Cantrell loaned her school-board campaign $20,000 in 2004, triggering a requirement to keep filing campaign-finance reports that she overlooked for several years, she told Richard Rainey of the Times-Picayune. The state Board of Ethics agreed to suspend $7,600 of the resulting fines, and she paid off $5,600 in June, leaving only $2,750 in court costs remaining to be paid, Rainey reported.

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Jul 302012

A gray Honda sedan was badly damaged in a crash on Forshey Street on Monday. (Robert Morris,

Investigators look for shell casings in tall grass along Forshey Street. (Robert Morris,

Police are investigating a two-vehicle crash in front of a small neighborhood cafe at the edge of a Gert Town park, amid conflicting reports that it may have been related to a fight or possibly even a shooting. Continue reading »

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