Aug 172012

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

The teams are complete, the matchups are clear. These guys don’t like one another and their philosophies could hardly be more different.

There was a time in America when then-Alabama Gov. George Wallace could run for President as an independent complaining that there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican candidates. That isn’t really a problem in 2012. The Obama-Biden view of the world is just about 360 degrees apart from the Romney-Ryan view of the world. Continue reading »

Aug 172012

Check out their Facebook Page

Time is running out!  In less than 30 days Shop of the Two Sisters, Magazine Street’s destination for eclectic fine home furnishings, will close their doors.

Dramatic and final markdowns have been taken on all inventory including chandeliers, sconces, lamps, rugs, consoles, tables, chairs, mirrors, original art and more. Whether you need a striking accent piece or to furnish an entire room, Lee Ali is happy to help you choose just the right piece for your home or weekend get-a-way. Hurry in for best selection! Open everyday until September 5. Visit their Facebook page to see inventory and pricing.


Shop of the Two Sisters
1800 Magazine Street
New Orleans
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Aug 162012

Megan Braden-Perry, creator of Gambit’s Public Transit Tuesdays column, was kind enough to invite Robert Morris of Uptown Messenger along this week for her exploration of the South Claiborne route, and together we discovered that the new building behind the former Tharp-Sontheimer funeral home is part of a new home for seniors, constructed unit-by-unit as the largest prefabricated building in the state, the architect told us. Claiborne tends to be a quick, no-nonsense bus route, so the journey featured few of the characters Braden-Perry often encounters, but did include sharing some memories at Forstall Art Supplies, plenty of food talk and a vicious caterpillar attack.

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Aug 162012

The locations of the May 29 slaying of 5-year-old Briana Allen and the June 9 slaying of Lonnie Johnson are about a block apart. Burnell Allen, Briana’s father, has now been charged with murder in the death of Johnson. (map via NOPD)

Burnell Allen (via

The father of the 5-year-old girl shot to death in front of a Central City birthday party in May has now been arrested in the killing of another man the following month, and police are touting the strategy that led to the arrest while his family is saying they have the wrong man. Continue reading »

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Aug 162012

Telly Hankton (via

The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office dropped charges related to a 2009 murder at Terpsichore and LaSalle Streets against Telly Hankton and transferred evidence in the death of Jesse “TuTu” Reed to the U.S. Attorney’s office as part of the “federal investigation of the Hankton organization,” officials told John Simerman of The Times-Picayune. Charges were also dropped against a co-defendant in the case, Edward Allen, who was expected to be released in the case, and defense attorney Jason Williams suggested that the decision vindicates Allen’s claim that he was in Houston the night of the shooting, Simerman reports.

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Aug 152012

The first day of filing for Uptown-based offices on the Nov. 6 ballot drew the previously-announced candidates for City Council District B, two incumbent school board members, and challengers for both sitting members of Congress, records show. Continue reading »

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Aug 152012

The former uniform store on Magazine Street near Louisiana is planned for a transformation into a new location of Dat Dog. (Robert Morris,

Dat Dog is one step closer to putting a smile on Magazine Street’s facade, after the City Planning Commission gave a positive recommendation to its request for alcohol Tuesday despite some objection by the Garden District Association. Continue reading »

Aug 152012

The Our Lady of Lourdes school building on Freret Street. (Robert Morris,

Article by Craig Giesecke, for

Holy Rosary School, a Catholic school for children with special needs, will open next week in the prominent Our Lady of Lourdes school building on Freret at Napoleon occupied last year by Sojourner Truth Academy, archdiocese officials told neighbors Tuesday night. Continue reading »

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Aug 152012

District B City Council candidate Dana Kaplan speaks at her campaign kickoff party Tuesday evening at Victory bar in the Central Business District. (Robert Morris,

On the day before filing officially opens for the District B City Council seat — having just turned in what they believe is enough signatures to get candidate Dana Kaplan on the ballot — her supporters were ready to party.

And to get to work.

“This is really real. This is it,” said Norris Henderson of Voice Of The Ex-Offender at Kaplan’s campaign launch party on Tuesday night. “But that was the easy part.” Continue reading »

Aug 152012

Jean-Paul Villere

When I entered the 5th grade in 1984 I had just turned 10, the Summer Olympics had wrapped in Los Angeles, and President Reagan was stumping for re-election.  Today 28 years later my almost 10 year old daughter enters the 5th grade, the Summer Olympics have just wrapped in London, and President Obama is stumping for re-election.  The year is 2012.  We don’t drive flying cars, the inequities of the world have yet to be balanced (nor are we post-apocalyptic Mad Max style), but I can Facetime on my iPhone which is kind of like a wrist watch, so we might say the world is a little more Dick Tracy than not (*however don’t tell that to Warren Beatty).  But things honestly haven’t changed that much – have they? Continue reading »

Aug 142012

Hundreds of Uptown residents fill the auditorium at the Jewish Community Center on Monday night to discuss the city budget with Mayor Mitch Landrieu. (photo via WWL-TV)

Civics is hard, Mayor Mitch Landrieu told a packed room of hundreds of Uptown residents on Monday night, after hearing their calls for better roads, less blight, lower taxes, improvements to Gert Town, and full staffing of the fire department and city planning offices.

All those issues are undeniably crucial to the city’s future, Landrieu said in a sort of pregame show for the budget he will unveil after a series of community meetings around the city. How to allocate a limited amount of money to each of those priorities is where the real difficulty comes in. Take the firefighters, for example.

“I have great respect for them, [but] they are just like everybody else when it comes to budget,” Landrieu said. “When you spend a dollar on them, you can’t spend that dollar on anybody else.” Continue reading »

Aug 142012

Freret Neighbors United plans to conclude a long-running conversation about alcohol permits on Freret Street at its monthly meeting tonight, as well as to receive an update on the school opening in the Our Lady of Lourdes now that Sojourner Truth Academy has closed. Continue reading »

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