Sep 032012

Owen Courreges

Well, New Orleans has officially weathered its first direct hit from a hurricane post-Katrina. As with all disasters, we seem to be hoping that all our heroes and villains come straight from central casting. Most peoples’ immediate ire seems focused on Entergy New Orleans for failing to flip on the lights quickly enough. Corporate villains are always the easiest to write.

Of course, the truth is more complicated, and not being an expert in electrical grids, I’m hardly the person to turn to for education in whether Entergy is to blame in its power restoration efforts. On the other hand, Entergy has done much to destroy any goodwill with New Orleanians with excessive fuel surcharges and the like. Continue reading »

Sep 022012

A New Orleans firefighter examines damage to the interior of Fat Harry’s bar on St. Charles Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Debbie Huling, owner of Fat Harry’s, smiles despite the damage to her business as she talks to a New Orleans firefighter. (Robert Morris,

A Sunday morning fire gutted the bar area of Fat Harry’s, but the owner of the beloved gathering spot on St. Charles Avenue was already promising to rebuild before firefighters had even left the scene. Continue reading »

Sep 012012

View Uptown New Orleans power outages and restored areas in a larger map

Entergy’s map of outages at 11 p.m. Saturday. (

With Hurricane Issac’s winds and rain long gone, New Orleanians around Uptown and the entire city have been left to ask, where is the electricity?

Because the Entergy maps have proven themselves to be unexpectedly unreliable, Uptown Messenger is building our own map of outages and restored areas, based on firsthand reports by our readers. We’ll also include significant hazards that may still be affecting the public. To add or update information, either tweet it to us @UptownMessenger, or email it to uptown@nolamessenger.comHurricane Isaac aftermath, live updates (Saturday, Sept. 1)

Aug 312012

Entergy workers examine a fallen tree on St. Charles Ave. and Arabella St. Thursday afternoon. (Sabree Hill,

New Orleans may have seen the last of Isaac’s wind and rain crawl out of town on Thursday, but awoke Friday morning to find the same mess left over from the day before: trees down all over, and power hardly anywhere.

Grocery stores led the way in business re-openings on Thursday, followed by a few resourceful restaurants that pulled together limited menus for New Orleanians grateful for a hot meal, and hopeful that power would return soon as the late summer temperatures begin to rise again. Continue reading »

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Aug 302012

A large tree lays across Broadway Street near St. Charles Avenue, where it has snapped a power pole and pulled down electrical lines. (Robert Morris,

Tropical Storm Isaac’s wind field at 7 a.m. barely reaches New Orleans. (map via

Now that Tropical Storm Isaac has finally crawled past New Orleans, taking most of its wind and rain with it, the city is left with widespread power outages, downed trees and power lines and — for some — far more significant damage to their homes or businesses. Continue reading »

Aug 292012

View Uptown hazards in a larger map

As Isaac continues its slow approach toward New Orleans, a tree has landed on a house on St. Charles Avenue, wires and other trees are down in numerous Uptown neighborhoods, flooding has been reported in the Lower Garden District and other roads have been closed, according to reports from the mayor’s office early Wednesday. Continue reading »

Aug 292012

Power outages blanketed Uptown New Orleans by 11 a.m. Wednesday. (map via Entergy)

Hurricane Isaac brought driving rain and strong winds to New Orleans Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, flooding streets, downing trees and knocking out power to almost all of Uptown New Orleans. Continue reading »

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Aug 282012

Approximate locations involved in a police chase of two young men believed to be involved in car-burglary attempts. They were first reported on Annunciation, then spotted in backyard on State, and finally apprehended in two locations on Webster, police said.

Two people attempting to get into parked cars along Annunciation Street led police on a chase through several Audubon neighborhoods Tuesday afternoon, and one attacked a resident who tried to stop him, before they were apprehended, authorities said. Continue reading »