Sep 242012

The City Council District B candidates — Eric Strachan, LaToya Cantrell, Dana Kaplan and Marlon Horton — enjoy a moment of levity during a candidates’ forum at St. George’s Church on St. Charles Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Even their short time on the campaign trail has apparently been good to the four relative political newcomers running for the District B seat, as their individual messages came through in distinct focus during a wide-ranging question-and-answer session before the Bouligny Improvement Association on Monday evening. Continue reading »

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Sep 242012

The four candidates for City Council District B will participate in a forum at 6 p.m. tonight (Monday, Sept. 24) hosted by the Bouligny Improvement Association and the Louisiana Landmarks Society at St. George’s church, 4600 St. Charles Avenue. Continue reading »

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Sep 242012

Owen Courreges

The debate over live music continues in New Orleans.  The latest volley was lobbed by Kermit Ruffins, New Orleans’ premiere jazz trumpeter, who presumably needs no further introduction.  From his Facebook page, Ruffins has announced a meeting this Wednesday to discuss “a plan of [action] to stop the city from taking live entertainment away from small clubs.”

Ruffin’s announcement coincided roughly with three developments: 1) Ruffin’s Mother-In-Law Lounge received its rezoning and permitting for live music; 2) Mimi’s in the Marigny canceled its live music schedule; and, 3) Siberia lounge announced it would be resuming live music in October with obscenely expensive one-shot event permits.

Accordingly, Ruffins is sitting pretty.  Everybody else, not so much. Continue reading »

Sep 222012

The floor of the library is bare after being replaced, and furniture remains stacked in the center of the room out of workers’ way Saturday morning at Audubon Charter School’s Carrollton campus main building. (Robert Morris,

Hurricane Isaac broke a hole through the ceiling of Audubon Charter School’s Carrollton campus main building, flooding the library, and also heavily damaged the roofs of several portable classrooms. Now, school officials hope to have the library repairs finished this coming week and that the roof repairs can be done without costing any more classroom time. Continue reading »

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Sep 222012

The Young Men Olympian Junior Benevolent Association will hold its 128th annual second line Sunday, starting at 1 p.m. at the club’s hall on South Liberty and looping around Louisiana Avenue, South Claiborne and Martin Luther King Boulevard, touted by Gambit’s Big Red Cotton as “the biggest, most exciting second line of the season.” See her post at Gambit for turn-by-turn details.

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Sep 222012

Craig Giesecke

Last week I had the chance to go out to Tulane to watch a showing of “Nine Lives,” the Paul Sanchez musical production of a Dan Baum book dealing with our part of the world and a particular view of how things were from Hurricane Betsy in 1965 to Katrina, 40 years later. It’s a delightful show, and here’s hoping it is successful as a would-be Broadway production in the coming year or so.

As is often the case when I go see local music (not nearly as often as I’d like), I get to thinking about how much in common our local restaurant operators have with our local musicians. We’re in a city known mainly as a food and art mecca, and we’ve produced a series of folks known worldwide for their expertise and innovation in both arenas. But while such international stars (Lagasse and Neville, Prudhomme and Armstrong, etc.) have their draws, the attraction remains the smaller venues and Who’s Next — who might be doing world-class work in some dive or tiny place. Continue reading »

Sep 212012

As Bricolage Academy works its way through the application process this fall to launch a new charter school next year, its founders are hosting a nationally known education journalist to discuss the education research described in her book “The Good School: How Smart Parents Get Their Children the Education They Deserve.” Continue reading »

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Sep 212012

Prep-school students, business people, “uptowner” types, fitness instructors and female motorcyclists dressed in the styles of the early 1990s are among the parts needed for a new Spike Lee joint that will have a casting call from 2 to 7 p.m. Friday afternoon at Ashe Cultural Center, 1724 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., according to a post at the NOLA Black Professionals blog.

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Sep 212012

The seventh annual Rising Tide conference at Xavier University on Saturday will feature panel discussions on the future of media in New Orleans, the commodification of the city’s culture, its ongoing experiment in public education, the role of neighborhood associations, parenting, the environment and entrepreneurship. Authors Lawrence Powell and Lolis Eric Elie will give keynote addresses. Continue reading »

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Sep 202012

Rich Varuso of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers illustrates the area around the levee that will must cleared of trees. (Robert Morris,

A map of the levee-raising project shows the construction zone near the railroad tracks, well away from some of the park’s most popular recreational amenities.

The ballfields and gazebos at Audubon’s riverfront recreation area and even the trees that hang over the Mississippi River will all remain undisturbed and accessible during the year-long project to raise the Carrollton levee, officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers assured residents Thursday night, and although the “unofficial” dog park nearby will be closed off during construction, it may emerge as an official dog park after the project. Continue reading »

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Sep 202012

Dana Kaplan is a proven reformer who is committed to making our community stronger and safer. As a candidate for the New Orleans City Council, District B, Dana will draw upon her experience as a leader in criminal justice and a bring fresh perspective and an independent voice to city government. Continue reading »

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Sep 202012

Tulane University officials will discuss the status of an agreement with the city for permissible uses of their planned on-campus stadium, as well as updates on construction designs and drainage plans, at a public meeting on Monday. Continue reading »

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