Oct 112012

By Dana Kaplan

As I knock on doors and attend community meetings and forums throughout the district, I get to listen to the concerns of voters – real people rather than polls – but real people who are truly concerned about the direction of their neighborhoods. And, the most common question is in some form or another, “What are you going to do about crime?” Continue reading »

Oct 102012

Sewerage & Water Board “work” on Freret Street. (photo by Jean-Paul Villere)

Jean-Paul Villere

Yet another rhetorical pop quiz from the Sewerage & Water Board this past Monday left Orleans Parish residents (read: me and likely you) wondering if our one and only water supply was safe for consumption.  And the solitary answer everyone can agree on equals “Maybe.”  Forget that it’s the 21st century, forget that Roman aquaducts remain a marvel to humanity and civilization on the whole, and forget too that over the next five years an Orleans Parish water bill will grow incrementally like a film of algae from a broken fire hydrant to the nearest street drain.  But remember this: your vote still matters.  And why this will always be important remains a let-me-speak-to-your-supervisor line of thought.  The S & W B does not answer to much, or do they?  So who’s in charge? Continue reading »

Oct 102012

Estelle Carron moved to New Orleans earlier this year and was a French teacher at Trinity Episcopal School, but still owned the home in Memphis where she was found dead after a fire this weekend, allegedly strangled to death by her son, according to an article published Tuesday evening on the website of the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

“We continue to pray for her and for her family, friends, students, and colleagues,” wrote Trinity headmaster Dr. Michael Kuhn in an email to Uptown Messenger. “In the short time here at Trinity, she became a much beloved and respected teacher and colleague. Estelle will be greatly missed by the Trinity community.”

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Oct 092012

Violent crimes in the Freret area since mid-April, according to NOPD crime maps, include a teen being shot, a dispute in which a gun was fired, a fracas at a now-closed high school and a charge of illegal carrying of a weapon. (via NOPD.com)

The murder of a prominent Freret Street bakery owner 25 years ago is still regarded as the seminal moment in the commercial corridor’s long period of neglect. Now, even amid the street’s current renaissance, some residents still feel that they are living just on the edge of the next violent crime.

Several Freret residents and business owners have recently begun discussing the possibility of hiring private security patrols similar to those in other neighborhoods around the city, and Tuesday night, began what they see as a long conversation with their neighbors about whether to move forward. Continue reading »

Oct 092012

Photographer John McCusker describes writing his biography of Kid Ory, “Creole Trombone,” Tuesday night at Octavia Books.

“The day after Katrina, all I owned in the world were the notes for the Kid Ory book,” said longtime New Orleans newspaper photographer John McCusker, relating the story Tuesday night at Octavia Booka of how he came to write Creole Trombone. “…But eventually, sitting down and writing became a therapy for me.” Continue reading »

Oct 092012

Trent Mackey (via Tulane official site)

Prosecutors are still evaluating evidence to determine whether a suspended Tulane linebacker will be prosecuted on an allegation that he broke into a Broadway Street home and swiped a handful of valuables just weeks after his involvement in a high-profile home-invasion robbery in the same block, authorities said after the conclusion of a preliminary hearing in court Tuesday. Continue reading »

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Oct 082012

Walter L. Cohen High School seniors Terrell Major and Meagan McKinnon read a prepared statement about the students’ demands of school officials Monday afternoon. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

Meagan McKinnon, senior class president at Walter L. Cohen High School, left campus Wednesday afternoon with no idea of the upheaval the coming week would bring to her campus.

Thursday morning, the student body was abuzz with rumors that the school was about to be merged with John McDonogh High School. At an assembly that afternoon, they found out that no merger was planned, but that the New York-based Future Is Now charter group that took over McDonogh this year would be given control of Cohen within a week, and that most of the Cohen administrators and teachers would be replaced.

Stunned, McKinnon and her classmates marched out of the building. They haven’t returned to class since then, instead alternating between protests and class time on the lawn as they demand the decisions be justified or reversed. Continue reading »

Oct 082012

Owen Courreges

It’s nighttime.  You awake to a noise outside.  Is it a prowler?  You aren’t sure.  You grab a small pistol from your nightstand and shove it in your pocket as you proceed out to your driveway to investigate the disturbance.  If it’s nothing, you reason, you don’t want to be walking around in plain view with a gun in your hand.

Congratulations.  You just committing the crime of carrying a weapon illegally, and you did it without ever leaving your own property. Continue reading »

Oct 082012

An image of the 2004 Cadillac SRX taken in Tuesday night’s carjacking, shown in a photo distributed to police.

The SUV stolen in a carjacking and shooting Tuesday night that left a Camp Street resident critically injured was recovered Saturday in New Orleans East and is now being processed for evidence by the NOPD crime lab, police said. Continue reading »

Oct 082012

Shared Housing of New Orleans is a program to help elderly and/or disabled adults, who do not need to be in Nursing Homes, remain in their own homes by matching them with people looking for a place to live. Don’t worry: all Shared Housing services are free! Applicants are carefully interviewed and evaluated by experienced registered nurses. Continue reading »

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