Dec 282012

Police are seeking the public’s help identifying five different men caught on security cameras in connection with separate shoplifting cases at three frequent targets for thieves in the NOPD Sixth District, the Citi Trends on South Claiborne Avenue, the Rite Aid on St. Charles Avenue and the Circle K on Howard Avenue. Continue reading »

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Dec 282012

Frederick George (via NOPD)

Investigators have identified a teenager believed to have carjacked an acquaintance in front of the Loyola campus Saturday, and are seeking the public’s help locating him, authorities said.

Frederick “Freddie” George, 18, will be charged with armed robbery, police said. For details, see the NOPD news release:

Today NOPD detectives issued a warrant for 18-year-old Frederick “Freddie” George who carjacked a man on Saturday December 22, 2012 at about 6:12pm at the intersection of Freret Street and Law Road in the University Area.

The victim stated he arrived at the location to pick up an acquaintance at the location to which he only knew as “Freddie”. George enters the victim’s vehicle a produced a handgun and demanded cash. The victim fearing for his safety jumped out of the vehicle leaving George in it. George then fled in the victim’s vehicle abandoning it at the intersection of South Robertson and Calhoun Street where it was later recovered. Detectives were able to positively identify George through a photographic lineup and victim participation.

George had no prior arrest record.

Once apprehended Frederick “Freddie” George will be charged with Armed Robbery.

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Dec 282012

The Christmas duck (photo by Craig Giesecke)

Craig Giesecke

As mentioned in the last column, I opted to go with smoked duck for our Christmas dinner this time around. Honestly, a month’s worth of dealing with turkey and ham every day at work made the idea of doing either of those rather unappealing. I also deal with a fair amount of things like eye of round, so I wanted to do something that would absorb a little more flavor from the outside. There are only three of us in the house, so doing something large like a goose was never really on the radar. Continue reading »

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Dec 282012

(photo via

Parasol’s bar in the Irish Channel will host an all-day benefit for the Hogan family Saturday starting at 11 a.m. after the sudden death of owner John Hogan on Christmas Eve.

“Friends, neighbors and employees of Parasol’s have organized a benefit to give back to a family that has given us so much, especially their friendship,” reads an announcement about the event on Facebook. “Come honor and celebrate a great man with a huge heart, John Hogan, and wear a Hawaiian shirt to help us send him off in style.” Continue reading »

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Dec 282012

KIPP Schools in New Orleans plan to increase their class sizes, reduce expenses, attract more students and boost private fundraising to shore up their budget as a variety of major one-time education grants expire, creating a sort of “fiscal cliff” for the charter school network, according to a report by Kelsey Foster of The Lens.

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Dec 272012

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

We’re off to a great start in 2013 with the Super Bowl, which is going to be fabulous regardless of which teams end up playing in the game. It will also show the world that our resilient, unstoppable comeback from Hurricane Katrina is almost complete. What will not be so apparent is that there are literally thousands of New Orleanians working their tails off to make it appear that hosting a Super Bowl is effortless for this city — which, of course, it isn’t. There are thousands of details involved in securing and then hosting a Super Bowl and New Orleans excels in both phases. Most of those who do the heavy lifting are virtually anonymous, hardly known beyond the tourism community. A few, like Louisiana Superdome’s SMG exec Doug Thornton, occasionally surface to be given a deserved standing ovation but there are hundreds more whose names never appear in the news media. They just labor away, far from the spotlight. It should also be said that as in every aspect of life in Metro New Orleans, just beneath the surface are scores of rabid rivalries but there is a tradition here of putting these things aside to make the Super Bowl as success. This will be the case again this year, which merits further congratulations to all involved. Continue reading »

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Dec 272012

The location of the robbery in Hollygrove (via NOPD)

A corner store on Eagle Street near Earhart Boulevard was robbed at gunpoint on Christmas Eve, and in a separate case a man was wounded in a shooting on Louisiana Avenue the same afternoon, according to initial police reports. Continue reading »

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Dec 272012

Eric Orlando, the owner of Carrollton Station since 2002, has sold the rock venue on Willow Street to a couple who will keep the business open while Orlando opens a new bar called Red’s Uptilly Tavern at 7601 Maple Street, according to a report by Keith Spera of The Times-Picayune. For his final weekend at Carrollton station, Orlando will present a two-day “Grand Finale” showcase of a dozen singer-songwriters Friday and Saturday (Dec. 28-29), and he hopes to open Red’s by the first week of January, Spera reports.

Dec 262012

Liberty Cheesesteak will open in the former Dat Dog (photo from Google Maps)

A Philly cheesesteak shop slated for the tiny hot dog stand that grew into Dat Dog across the street is among the next new wave of businesses opening on and around Freret Street in the coming year. Continue reading »

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Dec 262012

Jean-Paul Villere

The calender says today is 12/26/12, so we must have all survived the Mayan apocalypse and yet another Christmas season, on to the New Year and resolutions quickly fudged.  I look forward to this day more than Christmas itself because it’s finally over!  The hype and lead up and obligatory this and that of each holiday season leaves me strung out and exhausted, like the last few rigs of the seemingly endless truck parade down Napoleon on Mardi Gras Day.  I live half a block from this silly nightmare of pastiched 18 wheelers in queue for likely miles, and it isn’t the size so much as the noise.  Truck horn after truck horn after truck horn, like a really slow marathon of all the Smokey & The Bandit “films” with a lagniappe viewing of Convoyto bring it on home.  Only this year the drainage work along the avenue is so massive my guess is in 2013 we will get a break from the madness.  And at the pace the work is going maybe 2014 too. Continue reading »

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Dec 242012

Owen Courreges

At this time of year I always get to thinking of how the American ideal of Christmas just seems to center around an ideal of a much colder climate than ours here in the Gulf South.  Lines from popular Christmas songs are always the biggest reminder of this.

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know…” Continue reading »