Mar 112013

Owen Courreges

State Senator J.P. Morrell is not letting this go – nor should he.

A month ago, a video was released showing the detention of two young black males, Sidney Newman, 17, and Ferdinand Hunt, 18, by eight plainclothes state troopers.  The video, taken on February 10, 2013 just after a parade, shows the two teens leaning against a wall in the 700 block of Conti Street.   Suddenly they are surrounded by State Troopers.

One of the youths took a few steps away and was jumped, grabbed by his shirt and flung around to the ground.  The other is pushed up against a wall.  It was a very fast and violent confrontation between the teens and the troopers. Continue reading »

Mar 112013

The former Dunbar’s restaurant at 4927 Freret is slated to become “The Muse on Freret,” a second location for owners of Three Muses on Frenchmen. (Robert Morris,

Shuttered since the floodwaters that followed Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the former Dunbar’s building on Freret Street in Uptown New Orleans may soon be a popular restaurant once again, as the owners of Three Muses on Frenchmen Street said Monday morning that they plan to renovate the site for a second location. Continue reading »

Mar 112013

Neighbors of the water-treatment facility in Carrollton say an oily liquid is raining down from the plant, and the Sewerage and Water Board says they are performing environmental tests on the plant’s backup generator, according to a report by Paul Murphy of our partners at WWL-TV.

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Mar 112013

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

When it all got started, the idea of New Orleans entering into voluntary consent decrees with our good friends in the federal government seemed brilliant. After all, the management of the New Orleans Police Department and the Criminal Sheriff’s Office (Parish Prison) had been a shambles for years. Surely, a cooperative arrangement with the feds in both instances would lead to more professional and effective administration of both the cops and the prison. Continue reading »

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Mar 112013

Metal Instruction

For the 26th year, The New Orleans School of GlassWorks & Printmaking Studio offers a summer workshop for young adults.  This hands-on glassblowing, metal sculpture, scientific glass torch-working, stained glass, copper enameling, paper engineering, printmaking and book-binding. Students gain artistic, technical knowledge and oral competency in all studios offered. Continue reading »

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Mar 082013

Princess Lydia Benson struts her stuff with the Lady Rollers. (Submitted photo by Kim Welsh)

A Saturday afternoon second-line from Audubon Park to the Milan Lounge for a block party with Dancing Man 504 and a Harlem Shake contest will benefit a member of the Lady Rollers and former president of the Pussyfooters who is now fighting cancer. Continue reading »

Mar 082013

Craig Giesecke

We’ve been doing a little grocery shopping over the past week or so, getting product samples from some suppliers and putting them through the various tests in the kitchen and comparing prices and quality like anyone would at home. Except it’s on a larger scale.

I’m in a unique position these days, working at a major regional grocery operation while also setting up a commercial kitchen. Really, except for the tonnage of things being ordered, it’s no different than what any of us do when it’s time to make groceries. You have in mind the amount you want to spend and you try to squeeze the most you can out of it, while keeping in mind various limitations of available equipment and how long everything has to last until you can make another trip. Continue reading »

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Mar 082013

Two Warehouse District neighborhood associations along with other surrounding residents are speaking out against the proposed 16-story Tracage condo development at the edge of the Warehouse District. The Board of Zoning Adjustments will hear Tracage’s application for several waivers on Monday, March 11 at 10 a.m. in the City Council Chambers. Continue reading »

Mar 072013

With Uptown New Orleans residents worried about robberies, shootings and other attacks that have taken place between the victims’ front doors and their cars, they frequently ask police officials how to make the front of their homes safer.

District commanders and crime-prevention officers usually suggest that one important step residents can take is to make their home a less appealing target for opportunistic criminals — by cutting back any shrubbery that offers a hiding place, for example, and particularly by increasing the amount of lighting.

In a city that can take years to repair its broken streetlights, an Entergy representative at a recent community meeting where that suggestion was made spoke offered his own solution: For a monthly fee, Entergy will install and maintain what it calls a security light to illuminate any dark areas in front of a customer’s home. Continue reading »

Mar 072013

The Lycée Français de la Nouvelle Orléans campus on Patton Street.

The terms of all current members of the Lycée Français de la Nouvelle Orléans governing board should end by June 30, and any current members who want to stay on past that date should have to re-apply with a newly-named nominating committee of mostly parents and outsiders over the course of the next month, a group of school officials recommended Thursday evening.

“It’s basically like we’re hitting the reset button and starting from zero,” said Raphael Gang, chief of staff of the Office of Portfolio at the Louisiana Department of Education. Continue reading »

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Mar 072013

Jason Marsalis

As part of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra’s Spring 2013 Hometown Concert Series, the Jason Marsalis Percussion Ensemble will perform a tribute concert to Max Roach’s album M’Boom on Saturday afternoon at Audubon Zoo. Continue reading »

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