Mar 152013

Craig Giesecke

As we get ready to open a new venture, we’re loading up the place with all the groceries and various other supplies needed to begin operations. We’re also hiring staff, assembling furniture, arranging shelves and working with various placements of things to make them as ergonomic as possible. At least we think so. But you can be sure we’re also forgetting plenty, and whatever it is will come quickly into sharp focus once paying customers start walking in the door.

Of course, this type of activity means lots of deliveries of various items from dry goods to produce to liquor to stainless steel tables. One of the unspoken truths about such deliveries is they show up when they show up. As much as we might want certain items delivered, say, “mid-morning,” the timing is usually no more specific than the cable company asking you to be home “between 8 a.m. and noon.” This is a sure clue they will show up at 2 p.m. Continue reading »

Mar 142013

Rendering of the new Sophie B. Wright gym from the Jena Street side. (courtesy Jacobs / CSRS Program Management)

Sophie B. Wright Charter School, from Napoleon Avenue. (Robert Morris,

The long-sought dream of the Sophie B. Wright Charter School community of a gym on campus appeared one step closer to reality Thursday night during a meeting to review plans for its construction, but students and teachers will first have to spend the next two years in an unfamiliar campus in west Carrollton.

“We are just keeping the big picture in mind,” said Sophie B. Wright principal Sharon Clark after the meeting. “We’re getting a state-of-the-art facility to educate the children of New Orleans, and it doesn’t get any better than that.” Continue reading »

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Mar 142013

Laura Cayouette, a local actress from Django Unchained, will answer questions from the Loyola Film Buffs Institute about her work tonight (Thursday, March 14) and present a free screening of Hell Ride, a biker movie she and Tarantino produced. Continue reading »

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Mar 142013

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

Tourism officials were smiling this week as new reports detailed the growing number of visitors attracted to Metro New Orleans in 2012 and the number of passengers who passed through Louis Armstrong International Airport.

Nine million visitors — spending an incredible $6 billion — came to Metro New Orleans in 2012, the most since 2004. It should be remembered that New Orleans back then was celebrating a record year that saw 10.4 million visitors come here. There was tremendous optimism until late August 2005 when Hurricane Katrina and poorly-constructed levees shattered everything. Continue reading »

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Mar 132013

LaToya Cantrell

Residents of the Milan neighborhood who in recent years have witnessed ever-larger crowds of “wall-to-wall drunken teenagers” gathering on Amelia Street during Mardi Gras parades thanked the police officers and city councilwoman who brought the problem to an abrupt end this year. Continue reading »

Mar 132013

Sage advice at the corner of Jena and LaSalle. (Photo by Jean-Paul Villere for

Jean-Paul Villere

Have you seen this?  Glossing over the city council’s recently revised pet ordinance for Orleans Parish, the 43 page manifesto reads more like ripe Swiss cheese than feathered or four-legged law du jour.  Yes, it happens to be noteworthy in what it addresses, but in my opinion it is equally so for what it fails to.  Chalk it up to bureaucratic puffery, poor surveying and/or shamelessly ostracizing the elephant in room.  Whatever could I mean?  Read it!  Saddle up Snuffleupagus, among the things you won’t find are what I’ll call my Big 3: Continue reading »

Mar 132013

Movie-goers will have the chance to catch a rare Irish film while downing a few pints of beer from the Emerald Isle!

For tonight only, the historic Prytania Theatre will screen Hear My Song, a classic romantic comedy set in Ireland starring legends from the silver screen such as Ned Beatty and Adrian Dunbar. Continue reading »

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Mar 122013

Freret Neighbors United president Andrew Amacker talks with residents in the crowded cafeteria of Samuel J. Green Charter School on Tuesday evening. (Robert Morris,

Bruce Johnson tells neighbors that he feels safe enough in the Freret neighborhood without an additional fee for a security patrol. (Robert Morris,

Proponents of a new fee-based security district in the Freret neighborhood faced an hour’s worth of skeptical questions Tuesday night from residents whose opposition ranged from the specific fee itself to much broader issues about gentrification of the neighborhood.

“I don’t want to further subsidize these businesses through an increase in property taxes,” said Soniat Street resident George Chaney. Continue reading »

Mar 122013

Terrilynn Monnette and her car (via the Terrilynn Monnette Facebook page)

jewel bush

Coming of age in a party town like New Orleans, there have been countless nights where I have been hanging out with buddies and drinking has been involved. Whether we drove to the party or club together, we always made sure everyone made it home safely. We never left a friend alone at the end of the night – sober or otherwise.

Our friend code wouldn’t allow it. The rules required calls or text messages letting the group know you were in. The phone call or text didn’t have to be lengthy; a simple “home” sufficed; and if that call didn’t come in a timely matter, we didn’t hesitate to reach out – again and again — until we heard back. We took care of one another using the age-old buddy system. And never, ever, under any circumstance did we allow anyone to leave – sober or otherwise – with a stranger.

So, to me, the most troubling aspect of the Terrilynn Monnette disappearance narrative is the report that her acquaintances left — left her alone to sleep in her car in a dark parking lot in the wee hours of the morning behind a bar. Continue reading »

Mar 122013

The Freret Neighbors United will hold an extended meeting tonight (Tuesday, March 12) to discuss a proposed new security district in the neighborhood, and the Milan Focus Group will meet Wednesday to hear from city and police officials. Continue reading »

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Mar 122013

Be there as Tracey’s Irish Channel Bar celebrates its annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration all weekend long from Thursday, March 14th to Sunday, March 17th, 2013.  The Irish Channel Annual Block Party begins at 11:00am on Thursday.  Tracey’s will serve up its world famous roast beef poor boys along with cabbage and corned beef and green beer! Continue reading »

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