Apr 082013

(cartoon by Owen Courreges)

Owen Courreges

The ongoing clash over the cost of the consent decree governing Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) continues to bubble over.  This week we were greeted by the latest bombardment against Sheriff Marlin Gusman in the form of the release of a 2009 video featuring inmates openly mainlining heroin, smoking crack, popping pills, gambling, flashing cash, and even displaying loaded guns.  It looks like footage of a party at Marion Berry’s house.

Here’s a link to the video.  I’ve run it through a website that replaces the audio with “Yakety Sax” so it’s a smidge less depressing. Continue reading »

Apr 082013

Hundreds of people fill Jeanette Street as they silently walk with candles in a protest against violence in west Carrollton. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

Just after dark on Sunday evening, for the third time in 24 hours, the blue lights of police cruisers passed down Jeanette Street behind the streetcar barns.

This time, though, there were no sirens. In fact, there was hardly a sound as hundreds of candle-carrying people followed on foot behind the police cars in silent contemplation of the blood that continues to spill in west Carrollton and around New Orleans. Continue reading »

Apr 072013

Location of Saturday night shooting in 1400 block of Monroe. Not shown by an icon but visible on the map is the 8500 block of Green, where a man was stabbed to death Sunday morning. (map via NOPD)

A 40-year-old man was stabbed to death Sunday morning on Green Street and two men were wounded in a shooting Saturday evening on Monroe Street in separate incidents, as neighbors were already preparing a Sunday evening vigil to remember an 18-year-old AmeriCorps volunteer shot to death less than a week ago. Continue reading »

Apr 062013

Crowds fill Freret Street between the vendor tents during the Freret Street Festival on Saturday. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

With the assistance of perfect springtime weather, the Freret Street Festival drew a record 23,500 people on Saturday afternoon, officials said. Saturday’s attendance far exceeded the estimate of 15,000 in 2012, said Andrew Amacker, president of the Neighbors United community group, who conducts crowd counts every year.

Christy Lorio of Freret Street examines art at a booth in front of the new Gasa Gasa performance space on Saturday. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

Continue reading »

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Apr 062013

Owen Courreges

Last Sunday was Easter.  It also marked the season finale of The Walking Dead on AMC, a series about a zombie apocalypse, and the premiere of the fantasy series Game of Thrones, which began with an army of zombie-like “wights” pushing towards an ancient wall, threatening the destruction of civilization.

Coincidence?  I think not. Easter and zombies: they go together like peas and carrots. Continue reading »

Apr 062013

The Kappa Sigma fraternity — where two students were arrested on drug charges in February, and two pledges then admitted to stealing 2,000 copies of the student newspaper reporting on the drug bust — has been returned to good standing after investigations into both incidents by Tulane University and the chapter’s national office, reports The Hullabaloo.

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Apr 062013

Four candidates, all Democrats — George “Gino” Gates IV, Doug Hammel, Yolanda King and Cynthia Samuel — are vying to become a juvenile-court judge in Orleans Parish in an election today (Saturday, April 6).

Polls are open until 8 p.m. Please vote!

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Apr 052013

Craig Giesecke

One of the things we’re still working out in the new shop is staffing – how many people to bring in at what times of the day and how long they’ll be there. It’s a difficult balance, since you want professional, experienced folks – and those kinds of employees want and deserve a reasonable wage. But when some parts of the day are stronger than others, some have to be sent home and that makes no one happy. If good staffers don’t get enough hours, they go elsewhere in a hurry. Continue reading »

Apr 052013

“In reality, it wasn’t his fight,” the Rev. C. L. Franklin, who lives across the street from the place where 18-year-old AmeriCorps volunteer Joseph Massenburg was killed, told Paul Murphy of our partners at WWL-TV. “The volunteers come in and help us. It’s our fight. It’s our struggle. … This is the stigma that hangs over us, that people could come in to help us and this could happen to them.”

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Apr 042013

Lycee Francais nominating committee chair Jeff Teague writes his choices for the school’s governing board, surrounded by many of the same names suggested by other committee members. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

After a high-intensity week of more than a dozen interviews and lengthy deliberations Thursday night, a group of volunteers settled on six people — three attorneys and three people involved in education — to recommend as the new governing board of Lycée Français de la Nouvelle Orléans.

The six chosen — attorneys Ben Castoriano, Tim Gray and Alysson Mills, and Erin Greenwald of the Historic New Orleans Collection, Mary Jacob Jones of The New Teacher Project, and Southeastern Louisiana University education-technology professor Elizabeth Rhodes — will be presented as one slate for approval by an up-or-down vote of the current board next week. All six could be added immediately, bringing the current board to 11 people as they seek out a new CEO for the school.

State charter-school regulations, however, require a minimum of seven board members, and the committee’s goal was to replace all the current board members by July 1. Thus, the committee decided to resume its search immediately, focusing in its second round on seeking members with specific skills — such as an accountant — not currently represented among the initial six chosen. Continue reading »

Apr 042013

The meeting of Lusher Charter School’s board of directors scheduled for Saturday has been canceled, school officials announced. No make-up date has been set.

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