Jul 222013

Owen Courreges

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for Loyola U this year,
Freshmen enrollment was down 30 percent, with layoffs now to fear.
And then when Liberto quit in shame, and Kaskel took his place,
A sickly silence fell upon each ‘n every alumni face.

All of Uptown began to rise their voices in despair, as the rest
Clung to that hope which springs futilely in the human breast;
They thought, if only Casey could recruit for the freshman class  –
We’d put up endowment money, now, and shove it up Tulane’s smarmy [expletive deleted].

The sad truth for Loyola is that there is no “mighty Casey” waiting in the wings.  Freshman enrollment has plummeted by nearly a third with only a short time left until the Fall semester begins.  It appears that the main culprit for the massive shortfall was an adjustment to Loyola’s financial aid offers.  Apparently, Loyola’s high tuition left little margin for error with respect to financial aid.  Prospective students today are savvy; their market responds quickly. Continue reading »

Jul 192013

As the Broadmoor Improvement Association pursues its goal of installing 100 anti-crime cameras around the neighborhood, it is launching an online fundraiser in hopes of defraying the cost of the cameras. Continue reading »

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Jul 192013

Craig Giesecke

We’re in a situation these days at work where those of us who cook for a living are having to take things back to basics and re-learn some appreciation for what many of us view as scut work. I think it’s a good thing.

It is all fine and good to be creative and come up with new dishes and keep pushing culinary boundaries. This is what I love to do and what so many of my cheffery friends enjoy on a daily basis. But, in any decent commercial kitchen, one has to be a generalist and be willing to pitch in wherever it’s needed. If you find an executive chef who’s not willing to take his/her turn washing dishes, you’ve got a problem. A good leader pulls from the front of the team instead of shouting orders from the wagon the team is pulling. Continue reading »

Jul 182013

Uptown residents who want to help the NOPD Sixth District in its fight against crime now have a new window onto the suspects police are looking for — a YouTube channel where detectives are posting the latest surveillance videos they obtain from crime scenes. Continue reading »

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Jul 182013

A detour sign directs motorists off of the 5100 block of Freret on Wednesday while work crews replace an underground water line. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

The 5100 block of Freret Street will be closed for a month to replace an underground water line prior to an upcoming repaving project there, and cars are being detoured through the neighborhood while crews dig into the pavement. Continue reading »

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Jul 182013

The 155-year-old St. Mary’s Assumption Church in the Irish Channel has already raised about half of the $1 million for its “Don’t Let The Tower Tumble” campaign to restore its 190-foot bell tower, which has lost its gold leaf and copper plating and the cross atop it, reports Bill Capo of our partners at WWL-TV.

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Jul 182013

By the time of a hearing last week on its $1.4 million budget, Bricolage Academy had enrolled 70 students with 20 still on a waiting list and the possibility of more coming from the OneApp process, making the new charter school’s leader, Josh Densen, confident that the school will meet its goal of 75 students in its first year of kindergarten, according to a report by Stephen Babcock of The Lens.

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Jul 182013

Maybe it was just a pot of jambalaya, or maybe the calm before a storm, but by all accounts Wednesday night was a positive step on the road back for Jimmy’s Music Club — about 30 supporters, neighbors and city officials all sharing a bite to eat and some casual conversation before heading into a week that could bring a formal operating agreement and approval from the city to reopen. Continue reading »

Jul 182013

Nine robberies in the Garden District and Lower Garden District areas. Not shown: a home invasion case in the 2300 block of Magazine (which is classified differently on NOPD crime maps).

A woman visiting the Garden District was robbed of her purse at gunpoint Wednesday morning, the tenth robbery in 10 days and marking Uptown’s first severe rash of robberies this year.

With the exception of a trio of attacks by bat-wielding teens, most of the cases do not show clear links to one another, New Orleans police officials said Wednesday. Significant evidence, such as photos or DNA, has been recovered in most of the cases, however, so the investigations are all considered active. Continue reading »

Jul 182013

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

We are in mourning for our dear friend Hank Braden, a wonderful person, a gifted political strategist, an outstanding legislator and a visionary who put together coalitions of like-minded people from across racial lines. Continue reading »

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Jul 172013

ENCORE Academy will grow from 205 to 315 students in 2013-14, its second year of operation, with the addition of a third section of kindergarten, a fourth and a sixth grade, according to a report by Stephen Babcock of The Lens. The school will remain at its location inside the Crocker building on Marengo Street for the coming year, but will have to find a new home for 2014-15.

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