Jul 222014
An image of the official proclamation welcoming Operation Save America to New Orleans was circulated among the group's members online. (via Facebook.com)

An image of the official proclamation welcoming Operation Save America to New Orleans was circulated among the group’s members online. (via Facebook.com)

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu issued an official welcome this week to Operation Save America, an anti-abortion organization that interrupted an Uptown church’s prayer service with its protests on Sunday and had plans to parade the alleged remains of a fetus around Jackson Square in the French Quarter. Continue reading »

Jul 212014
(map via NORTA)

The restored Line 90 is shown in blue, and the Leonidas line is shown in Green. (map via NORTA)

The New Orleans RTA plans to restore Carrollton Bus Line 90 this fall, which runs from the intersection of South Claiborne through Mid-City and City Park to reach Gentilly, as part of a series of service changes announced as transit advocates question the slow return of bus lines and the agency’s finances. Continue reading »

Jul 212014

Owen Courreges

Keeping your eye on the road matters.  Sometimes it just prevents you from being a jerk, other times it can save somebody’s life.

Case in point: Earlier this past week I was going down Oak Street looking for a parking space on the street. When I saw one, I immediately hand signaled (my car is 63 years old and lacks turn signals) and slowed next to the spot. A white SUV was approaching behind me from the intersection, so I held the hand-signal for a few seconds, believing that the SUV would see the signal and leave me sufficient space. Continue reading »

Jul 202014

Michael Dabney (via opcso.org)

Michael Dabney (via opcso.org)

The man convicted of shooting a New Orleans police officer in the thigh in Central City last October now faces an automatic life sentence based on his criminal history, authorities said. Continue reading »

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Jul 182014

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

We all know the NOPD is the primary law enforcement agency – but not the only law enforcement agency — in New Orleans. We also have the Harbor Police, the Levee Board Police, HANO Police, the OPSB Police, police forces around the college campuses, hospitals, and the private security details that neighborhood or business associations pay.

Why can’t these individuals receive the additional training necessary to increase their skill levels and become the “first responders” within their jurisdictions? With better training, they could be the primary eyes and ears in their geographic areas easing up some of the pressure on our woefully understaffed NOPD forces. Continue reading »

Jul 172014

Children’s Hospital has completed its $29 million purchase of the former New Orleans Adolescent Hospital from the state, and is beginning to plan a phased redevelopment that will preserve many of its historic buildings, according to a report by Paul Murphy of our partners at WWL-TV.

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