Jun 152012

New Orleans-area Teach For American director Kira Orange Jones, who was elected to a seat on the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in November, may face a conflict of interest because BESE signs contracts with Teach For America, according to an opinion being considered by the state Ethics Board reported by The Lens. The board will consider whether Orange-Jones must choose between her employment and her elected position, or if she can simply recuse herself from votes about the TFA conflict, at a meeting in July.

Jun 152012

Homemade Thai salad (photo by Christy Lorio for UptownMessenger.com)

Christy Lorio (photo by Leslie Almeida)

Don’t get me wrong, I can tear into a fried shrimp po-boy with the best of them, but eating like that everyday is the equivalent of putting your name on a high cholesterol waiting list. As much as I adore Southern cooking, I attempt to eat healthy at home — that way all bets are off when dining out. Continue reading »

Jun 142012

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

New Orleans, which has survived the worst hurricanes, yellow fever epidemics, a terrible Oil Bust, military occupation and corruption, once again has to endure the unendurable as it watches the dismemberment of its daily newspaper that served the community for 175 years. Continue reading »

Jun 142012

The SUV stolen Monday night in the violent carjacking of an elderly couple on State Street was used the following day in a similar robbery on Fontainebleau, then later found abandoned in the Milan neighborhood, police said.

While they continue looking for suspects in that case, investigators have made an arrest in a robbery two weeks ago on Chestnut Street, and caught a man they said may have been breaking into a number of cars in the Carrollton area. Continue reading »

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Jun 142012

Red arrows mark the block of Joseph Street that will become one-way for a six-month trial starting Friday morning. (map by City of New Orleans)

On Friday morning, the city will embark on a six-month trial of one-way traffic on the first lake-side block of Joseph Street coming off of Magazine amid concerns that the road may be too narrow for parking on both sides of the street and two lanes of traffic, officials announced. Continue reading »

Jun 142012

A rendering of the proposed Tulane stadium. (via TulaneStadium.com)

Seeking to build on favorable momentum created by the City Planning Commission’s vote Tuesday to recommend against a special zoning district that would require Tulane to seek the city’s permission to build a football stadium on its Uptown campus, university president Scott Cowen publicly urged city council members Wednesday to either withdraw the motion altogether or vote on it before the month is out. Continue reading »

Jun 132012

Workers "clear the air" on Napoleon Avenue. (photo by Jean-Paul Villere for UptownMessenger.com)

A neighbor returned from a road trip last week, and their first text to me upon being back in New Orleans said, “What’s with the hack job on the oak trees on Napoleon between Freret and St Charles???”  Indeed. Continue reading »

Jun 122012

Tulane President Scott Cowen urges members of the City Planning Commission to reject an interim zoning district that would prohibit major construction projects on university campuses. (Robert Morris, UptownMessener.com)

The law that allows Tulane to build a football stadium on campus without any oversight from city leaders may be out of date, and the construction project may raise serious issues that need more scrutiny, but the university ought not to be made to follow regulations that are not yet on the books, the city planning commission ruled on Tuesday.

By a 7-1 vote, the commissioners will recommend against creating an interim zoning district that would require universities to seek city permission for large construction projects. What remains to be seen is whether Tulane’s victory Tuesday is fleeting — as the same City Council members who voted to begin the IZD process can ignore the recommendation and vote to approve it — or if it provides a spark of momentum that builds into a win before the City Council as well. Continue reading »