Nov 052012

Administrators at the International School of Louisiana have decided to abandon an unpopular plan to create separate elementary and middle schools at the Camp Street and Algiers campuses, and will instead try to preserve the current K-8 structure at each by finding more space for the Eastbank students next year, they have announced. Continue reading »

Nov 052012

Owen Courreges

The word of the day is “Schadenfreude,” a loanword of Germanic origin that refers to satisfaction received from the misfortunes of others.

Oh, I should use it in a sentence?  OK. “I felt a warm feeling of Schadenfreude when the man who stole my bicycle was struck by lightning, died in intense pain, and then a swarm of rats appeared and urinated on his remains.”  (Note to readers: I really hate bike thieves).

Following Hurricane Sandy, regrettably if understandably, many New Orleanians felt a whiff of Schadenfreude.  We had been told so many times by so many people after Hurricane Katrina that we were poor, stupid, and our city had been built in the wrong place.  People asked if we should bother rebuilding New Orleans, as if we were all just going to pack up our bags and move. Continue reading »

Nov 052012

The city periodically clears out large encampments of homeless people from underneath the Pontchartrain Expressway, but the nightly population has risen to about 75 again — prompting city officials to consider a fence to secure the area, reports Richard A. Webster of the Times-Picayune. At the same time, the city is seeking federal assistance to help with the nearly 5,000 estimated homeless people in New Orleans, Webster reports.

Nov 032012

Craig Giesecke

I went into work one day last week and was again reminded about just how much food we produce each day and how it has to be constantly renewed over and over as sales volume increases. Usually, it seems I’ve just made a big load of something when I have to make another one. Not that this is a bad thing – at all.

This is tough to translate when I get back home and try to replicate something for just two or three. Speaking honestly, I rarely cook at home much anymore and, when I do, it’s usually pretty simply stuff like pasta with some kind of sauce from a jar. I know that will soon change, with the holidays approaching.  But it’s a sure bet I’m going to be overbuying some ingredients just because I’m now so accustomed to producing in bulk. Continue reading »

Nov 022012

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

Allan and Danae have a major disagreement about what is going to happen next Tuesday when Americans decide on who is going to be their President for the next four years.

Allan thinks Mitt Romney is going to win this election. He thinks the game changer was the first Presidential debate and that Romney has been building momentum since then. Allan also feels there is a major Watergate-scale scandal that is going to unravel regarding the Barack Obama’s mis-handling of events in Benghazi, Libya that left four Americans, including an Ambassador, dead. Continue reading »

Oct 312012

Lanay Woolridge, 5, poses like a vampire in her new costume from the Freret Neighborhood Center, while children line up behind her for their new costumes. (Sabree Hill,

An estimated 500 children received new costumes just in time for Halloween on Tuesday afternoon at the Freret Neighborhood Center’s Sixth Annual Great Halloween Party and Costume Give-away. Continue reading »

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