Mar 282012

My first home purchase was a shotgun in the Riverbend on Dublin St. It faced west, sat in the middle of the block, and was a stone’s throw to the streetcar and not much further from all the other things a 23-year-old finds indispensable (read: Cooter Brown’s). At the time, I didn’t think much of my new residence. I clearly liked it enough to buy it, but frankly I was mostly happy not to be paying rent any longer. Continue reading »

Mar 272012

A rendering of the LaSalle school on Perrier Street, renovated into condo units with outside balconies. (image via

Exterior balconies and additional living space proposed as part of the redevelopment of the century-old LaSalle school into luxury condominiums have drawn the opposition of nearby neighbors, so city officials have ordered a historical review of the plans before any decision is made on the project. Continue reading »

Mar 272012

By Nick Kindel

In two recent columns, the Uptown Messenger has explored the situations with the Magazine Street Pilates Studio and the proposed new security district, and how in each case outcomes might have been very different if we had a Citizen Participation Program (CPP) in New Orleans.

Consequently, a number of people have asked about the status of the New Orleans CPP, and how close we are to getting one adopted and implemented by city government.  What follows is a brief recap of the process to date as well as the current status of the project. Continue reading »

Mar 262012

Summer weather is here, so now is the time to getting into shape for your beach body! To help you get on the path to fitness now, Transform NOLA announces a special early-bird rate: normally $12, drop-in yoga classes are $10, and package rates for five and ten classes receive a 20% discount with mention of the Uptown Messenger through April. And, new discounted prices for TRX classes!

There’s never been a better time to transform your life. Let Transform NOLA help you take the first step. Keep reading for more details.

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Mar 262012

Owen Courreges

As many astute readers may recall, a few weeks ago I wrote a column in which I outed myself as a curmudgeon and took the time to list several behaviors/conditions common in the city that bother me. It was a catharsis of sorts.

Well, this column seeks to be a worthy successor to that legendary screed that so captivated the minds of ordinary New Orleanians and fundamentally reformed the local zeitgeist (Note to self: Daily affirmations have devolved into delusions of grandeur; scale back accordingly).

In short, this column is “The Crank Returns.” Continue reading »

Mar 252012

Benjamin Morris

You’ve probably already seen him. He’s been spotted both in the Marigny and on Magazine Street, pushing his cart with its distinctive homemade sign. Earlier this week I had the privilege of meeting a man who has a remarkable story: a man who for over two years has been walking across America, from the west coast to the east, a man who has just arrived in New Orleans.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet George Stroop: advocate, motivator, and walker extraordinaire. He’s in town all this coming week. Let’s show him a good time while he’s here, shall we?

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Mar 242012

Craig Giesecke

My dad, who was a part-time/small-time cattle rancher, always said “the best way to earn a million bucks in the cattle business is to start with five million.” So it is with the restaurant biz as well.

This city is rife with excellent chefs who can’t run a viable business to save their souls and, honestly, I have to place myself in that category. I have more experience in marketing and general business practices than most, so I’m fine once there is enough cash flow to keep all the juggled balls in the air. But too many think it’s enough to just serve good food, and that’s not the case at all. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many places that make money and prosper for generations while serving little more than deep-fried catdookie. We all know which places these are. Continue reading »