Apr 042012

(photo by Jean-Paul Villere for UptownMessenger.com)

As we warm into spring and the real estate market heats up, I’ve been reflecting on some recent conversations with buyers, sellers, and lessees.  Among the topics covered include agency, deposits, pricing, and on.  Not surprisingly there are more than a few misconceptions in navigating the world of real estate, so please embrace the following 10 myths as a sort of primary guide. Continue reading »

Apr 032012

Members of the Audubon Riverside Neighborhood Association relax after their annual Easter egg hunt Sunday at Alma Peters Park. The association is considering ways to upgrade the park. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

With a nest egg of unspent membership dues built up over the years, the Audubon Riverside Neighborhood Association has begun discussing possible projects to improve nearby parks. Continue reading »

Apr 022012

The top map shows home burglaries, auto burglaries and auto thefts in the Carrollton area between Feb. 19 and March 24. The bottom map shows the same crimes since that time. (maps via NOPD.com)

A wave of rampant break-ins around the Carrollton area that began around Mardi Gras has finally come to an apparent end after dozens of burglary arrests, Uptown-based police detectives said.

“I knew we’d break this eventually, but it took a little longer than I thought it would,” said Commander Paul Noel at the most recent weekly meeting of the NOPD Second District leadership. Continue reading »

Apr 022012

Owen Courreges

Let me tell you, having your finger slammed in a locker — snapping your finger­nail clean off — is not something you quickly forget. I was in seventh grade and somewhat socially awkward, so I was picked on a bit. It would be difficult to identify a single reason why I was targeted, but suffice to say that the bullying was incessant. Continue reading »

Apr 022012

New Orleans School of GlassWorks & Printmaking Studio offers a summer workshop for young adults, which covers glassblowing, metal sculpture, scientific glass torch-working, stained glass, copper enameling, paper engineering, printmaking and book-binding. Students gain artistic, technical knowledge and oral competency in all studios they choose to study.

Our Young Adult Program consists of a truly unique, one-of-a-kind curriculum that offers a hands-on experience in a variety of working studios.  Young artists, ages 9 to 17, learn a wide array of innovative techniques and skills, utilizing a combination of the various working artist studios.

Our Summer Art Workshop begins June 4th – June 22nd, with a 3-week session.  This session includes full instruction in glassblowing as well as metal sculpture, stained glass, illuminated sculpture, glass torchworking & printmaking.  Each student designs and executes projects that generally take 3 weeks to complete. With the close guidance of master faculty, multimedia projects are encouraged. 

AFTER THE THREE WEEK SESSION, weekly sessions start on Monday, June 25th and continue through Friday, August 17th.  STUDENTS CAN SIGN UP FOR ONE OR MORE WEEKS.  They do not have to be consecutive.  Studios included in the weekly sessions are: metal sculpture, glass torchworking, stained glass, illuminated sculpture, copper enameling and printmaking.  Technically and artistic skills will advance with each week of attendance.

Upon completion of the workshop, young adults are encouraged to continue studying in one or more studios, as well as to attend future art workshops, such as our young adult program during winter break or on Saturdays as their school schedule permits.

— Click to find out more and to view photos of youth working at New Orleans School of GlassWorks & Printmaking Studio —

Continue reading »

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