Jul 252013

Although Uptown residents were told Wednesday that their water was safe to drink, some Carrollton residents may not have the chance as water pressure drops during repairs to the transmission line that broke Tuesday.

Residents around the 7800 block of Cohn were without power for much of Wednesday during the repairs, and that could happen again today as work continues, reports Bill Capo of our partners at WWL-TV.

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Jul 242013

Andy Dahl (left) and his employer at Mural Masters, Shawn James, stand in front of one of the many murals composed over 2013 on the campus of Nexus Treatment Sites in Baltimore, Maryland. (photo by Jean-Paul Villere for UptownMessenger.com)

Jean-Paul Villere

“Sometimes when I’m in the studio streaming ‘OZ, I hear the live wire music line-up for the evening, and I want to hop on my bike and take a ride into the Quarter and see what’s goin’ on,” says Andy Dahl.  “I really miss New Orleans, but I’m really enjoying what I’m doing here too so – – -,” he adds.  Woven into the fabric of most metropolitan areas are the working class – and often starving – artists.  New Orleans possesses its fair share, and in the course of the last year or so, one such soul transplanted to Baltimore.  On a recent road trip up east I briefly caught up with Andy and peered into what he’s been up to since having left (hopefully temporarily) the Crescent City. Continue reading »

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Jul 242013

The failures of the New Orleans city water system — first by a major water-line break that flooded an east Carrollton neighborhood Tuesday, and subsequently by the prohibition against using any water while it is tested for contamination — continue to affect Uptown residents a day after the incident.

The second boil-water notice of the year is causing businesses around Uptown to use bottled water to stay open, a routine they are getting used to, reports Monica Hernandez of our partners at WWL-TV. The water sample analysis will take until around 3:30 p.m. today (Wednesday), so the boil-water order will remain in place until at least that time, Hernandez reports.

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Jul 232013

Milton H. Latter Memorial Library during the First Annual Children’s Book Festival in 2010. (UptownMessenger.com file photo by Sabree Hill)

The Latter Branch library will close Sunday (July 28) for the next three months for a third round of renovations that will include lead-paint remediation, officials said this week. Continue reading »

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Jul 232013

A car is partially submerged near the site of a water-main break on Cohn Street in the east Carrollton neighborhood. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

[Update: A boil-water notice has been issued for much of Uptown.]

A broken water main is flooding several Carrollton neighborhood streets this morning, causing low water pressure around Uptown as a result. Continue reading »

Jul 222013

Signs alert drivers to the Broadway repaving project at Fontainebleau. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

The southbound side of Broadway Street is scheduled to close Tuesday as construction crews lay asphalt in the ongoing repaving project, and the northbound lanes are expected to close later in the week, officials said. Continue reading »

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Jul 222013

Owen Courreges

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for Loyola U this year,
Freshmen enrollment was down 30 percent, with layoffs now to fear.
And then when Liberto quit in shame, and Kaskel took his place,
A sickly silence fell upon each ‘n every alumni face.

All of Uptown began to rise their voices in despair, as the rest
Clung to that hope which springs futilely in the human breast;
They thought, if only Casey could recruit for the freshman class  –
We’d put up endowment money, now, and shove it up Tulane’s smarmy [expletive deleted].

The sad truth for Loyola is that there is no “mighty Casey” waiting in the wings.  Freshman enrollment has plummeted by nearly a third with only a short time left until the Fall semester begins.  It appears that the main culprit for the massive shortfall was an adjustment to Loyola’s financial aid offers.  Apparently, Loyola’s high tuition left little margin for error with respect to financial aid.  Prospective students today are savvy; their market responds quickly. Continue reading »

Jul 192013

As the Broadmoor Improvement Association pursues its goal of installing 100 anti-crime cameras around the neighborhood, it is launching an online fundraiser in hopes of defraying the cost of the cameras. Continue reading »

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Jul 192013

Craig Giesecke

We’re in a situation these days at work where those of us who cook for a living are having to take things back to basics and re-learn some appreciation for what many of us view as scut work. I think it’s a good thing.

It is all fine and good to be creative and come up with new dishes and keep pushing culinary boundaries. This is what I love to do and what so many of my cheffery friends enjoy on a daily basis. But, in any decent commercial kitchen, one has to be a generalist and be willing to pitch in wherever it’s needed. If you find an executive chef who’s not willing to take his/her turn washing dishes, you’ve got a problem. A good leader pulls from the front of the team instead of shouting orders from the wagon the team is pulling. Continue reading »

Jul 182013

Uptown residents who want to help the NOPD Sixth District in its fight against crime now have a new window onto the suspects police are looking for — a YouTube channel where detectives are posting the latest surveillance videos they obtain from crime scenes. Continue reading »

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