May 112012

A map of five shootings in the Irish Channel and Central City, a murder and a gun incident at Cohen High School that all took place between May 1 and May 4. (map via

A wave of shootings in the Irish Channel that may be connected to an attack on a school bus last month and another outbreak of gun violence in the Central City area led to a joint operation of more than 40 officers being deployed to find the shooters and suppress the gunfire, authorities said this week. Continue reading »

May 112012

Christy Lorio (photo by Leslie Almeida)

My husband and I have two vehicles, which aren’t spectacular or inspiring. They’re old, but not in a cool, classic-car kind of way. However, our class of 1999 Honda and Nissan are paid for, run well, and get us where we need to go safely and without worry. While we didn’t purchase them in their birth years, we’ve had them for a long time. I’ve taken my truck cross country twice, slept in the back of it on camping trips, survived two highway blowouts, and have taken care of it like it’s one of my cats.

You grow attached to your vehicle, and nine years is a long time to hold on to something.  Much like an elderly family member, we are mentally preparing ourselves for when they won’t be around any more. Since we both have a measly 10-minute commute, we’ve decided to become a single-vehicle household and get scooters to supplement our bicycles. While we’ve thought about upgrading, in reality we will probably get something sensible, like another Honda. You see, we have a long history of buying moderately priced cars and driving them into the ground, sometimes literally. Continue reading »

May 102012

The Carrollton-Riverbend Neighborhood Association will meet tonight to discuss a good-neighbor agreement with the proposed Mellow Mushroom and other new restaurants on Oak Street, while the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association will hear from several local nonprofits at their monthly meeting tonight. Continue reading »

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May 102012

This white Volvo, spotted on security camera in the 3500 block of Vincennes Place, is believed to be involved in several auto burglaries around the Uptown area. (photo via NOPD)

Investigators are looking for a white Volvo that has been seen near the site of several auto break-ins around the Uptown area, police said. Continue reading »

May 092012

Participants in a walking tour of Freret Street -- including Neighbors United President Andrew Amacker, center, and New Freret board member Kellie Grengs to his left -- pass in front of the future home of the Sun House, the most recent establishment on the Freret corridor to receive permission to open as a bar. ( file photo by Robert Morris)

With two bars on Freret Street already and two more on the way, residents are now considering how many more they will support along the suddenly in-demand commercial corridor. Continue reading »

May 092012

You read that right: Midway Pizza offers the “Freret Jet” all-you-can-eat lunch buffet every weekday for just $8.95. That’s as many slices of Midway’s famous deep-dish pizza as you can handle, on top of a choice of caesar or house salad. That, plus the new summer pizzas – the Smokey Treat, King Creole, the Money Pie, and the Herb Tarlek – are out, so come on in and see what everyone’s talking about today!

Located at 4725 Freret between Napoleon and Jefferson, Midway Pizza proudly serves Uptown’s only deep-dish pizza daily until midnight (1am on Fridays). Full menu and beer list are available online, or download the Midway app for Droid or iPhone. Visit the Midway website, follow Midway on Facebook or Twitter, or call 504-322-2815 for more details.

May 092012

Jean-Paul Villere

The untimely death of the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch (more widely known as MCA) last week marks another loss in the creative fabric of the Generation X cultural landscape; he was 47.  Personally my appreciation for Mr. Yauch and his bandmates was something of a journey.  Their supernova premiere License to Ill in 1986 left me only lukewarm.  Like many, I thought the boys goofy and annoying.  But they were also everywhere, if not tireless.  With their follow-up Paul’s Boutique, many of their fans were left scratching their heads.  A dynamic shift in sound and direction — when most listeners had likely anticipated a sequel to License (as the 80s sequelled just about everything) — Boutique demonstrated a decidedly different approach to their musical goals, which received yet another makeover in 1992′s Check Your Head.  It was about this time I took a shine to the band.  Their other 2 albums of the 1990′s Ill Communication and Hello Nasty brought their energy further along, elevating their sound to places their fanbase embraced and celebrated.  Aside, I had the good fortune of being to catch both of those album’s tours, and until last week earnestly believed I would see the Beasties perform some time again hopefully in the near future.  

Alas, no. Continue reading »

May 082012

The vacant fire station at 4877 Laurel Street. (photo via the Preservation Resource Center,

A deteriorating historic fire station that overlooks Wisner Park cleared a first step Tuesday toward a public auction, but two organizations — the Veterans of Foreign Wars and a Wisner Park recreation group — each asked that the city consider instead donating the building to their groups. Continue reading »

May 082012

The Louisiana SPCA "Puzzle Dog" sculpture. (via

Still shopping for the right Mother’s Day gift? Two local nonprofits are offering unique ideas you may not have thought of: a hand-made bouquet of fresh flowers at a local garden, or having her name included on a “Puzzle Dog” sculpture. Continue reading »

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